Kero One Video Preview: On Bended Knee Feat. Sam Ock

Sunday, June 20, 2010

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Here's What They're Saying (From Limewire)

“Calling Bay Area rapper Kero One the Asian Eminem might at first seem like an exercise in stereotyping until you tune into the messages he’s delivering on his third album, Kinetic World. Centerpiece track “Asian Kids” pulls no punches in its penetrating analysis of the cultural conflicts and contradictions that come into play when it comes to assimilating Asians into hip-hop culture. Of course, a “conscious” underground rapper like Kero One doesn’t limit his cultural critiques simply to his own ethnicity — Kinetic World finds him taking on society at large with a nuanced, sophisticated lyrical approach that goes hand in hand with his turbo-tongued flow. But even before you start to dig into the impressive lyrical content of Kinetic World, there’s a whole other level to be appreciated; Kero One makes the most of juicy, jazz-soaked production throughout the album, sometimes harking back to the glory days of jazz-sampling pioneers like A Tribe Called Quest. Whichever way you enter this record, there’s a lot to think about and a lot to absorb, from the rhymes to the concept to the arrangements, and the beats that back it all up.”