Raden M., Gotta Choose, And Someone Should Really Sign Him To A Deal (Like Now)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Listen - in addition to all the other music I like, I can't help but like fluffy jpop because it just speaks to me - it's just really cute and happy and...well....whatever - I'm not going to defend my musical tastes - but my point is that if you like Justin Beiber that's fine (even though I'll still rip on you) - but seriously - someone (like Justin Timberlake who was interested in the Beiber) really needs to sign this kid Raden M. - like now -- he's got the look, talented, and even better yet for PR purposes - he's 18 and legal - which means no one around the world (MILFs and DILFs respectively) has to feel like they're breaking the law because technically he's an adult - and from the messages on his MySpace page on the picture above, he's already got a built-in fan base of women who want a crack at him.

Check out some of the comments.

"i feel like i need a cigarette lookin at this...good gahhddamn."

"loving the sexy photo (: "

"id really like to do a photoshoot with you someday..."

"Omg , Yer Gorgeous !!!!"
It's All About The Music Though

Download it here.

Here's also a snippet called "Inseparable" from his upcoming mixtape called "The Other Side".

Again - someone really needs to sign him - but in the meantime you can at least check out his YouTube page and increase his subscriber count.