How To Get Asian People Into The Casino

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I was reading this AP article about how casinos in Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia are trying to target the Asian American population - and I'm going to skip whether or not it's good or bad for communities and just let the secret out on getting Asian people into the casino.

It's called a MF seafood buffet.

Because somedays there's nothing we like to do more than pay $25-$30 for all you can eat seafood, pile the plates up high to get our 8 pounds of crablegs in, and then leave our money up to fate.

'Cause that's just the way we roll.

And we like our free drinks too.


They should also invest in extra buttons on slot machines (we do play these MF's) because sometimes we just think hitting the buttons extra hard will get us more money and I think if we knew that the buttons were re-enforced for the Asian smackdown - we'd spend more fucking money because we figure we can hit that shit harder - hence - the more money that will be returned to us.

P.S. Once Again

On a serious note - there's nothing wrong with going out and gambling - but be responsible about it. Don't blow your whole wad if that's all you got or you still haven't cut that child support check, or you still need to pickup some textbooks, or you know - you haven't paid your rent or mortgage yet and it's already past due.

Live to fight another day.

With at least some money left over for a $1 hot dog.