Bridging the Shores: The Hmong-American Experience

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For all my Hmong peeps, you'll be featured in a new WPR story called "Bridging the Shores: The Hmong-American Experience" this Friday, which will also have a companion Web site to upload stories of your own:

The documentary includes about a dozen smaller stories examining the breadth of Hmong life, including the escape from Laos into Thailand of soldiers and their families who fought alongside the United States in the Vietnam War to the continuing story of Hmong integration to American culture [...]

"There will be opportunities for people, especially Hmong-Americans, to upload their own stories that share their experiences," Giordano said. "We want this to be a living Web site."

Giordano said the site will include material from the D.C. Everest Oral History Project, for which local students have interviewed Hmong elders. It also will make available a substantial archive of Daily Herald stories through the years that have reported on the Hmong culture.

Cheng Lee, 25, a student at UWMC and the former director of the school's Multicultural Resource Center, helped compile materials for the Web site.

"I think the project is geared toward everybody," Lee said. "Being Hmong myself, there were still things I found in the project that I knew very little about."
The original WPR documentary will air at the following times: September 12 at 6pm on the NPR News and & Classical Music network, September 12 at 7pm on the Ideas Network, and will also be available via the audio streaming and archive services on Wisconsin Public Radio’s website (

Check the full description down at the WPR site here.

*Note: I should mention that the way "Hmong-American" is spelled on the title of this post is the title of show.