Quick Note On Feeds

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just a quick post that I've changed the RSS/Atom feeds for Slant Eye to show full stories. As feed traffic has grown and the feed views and hits have outweighed the percentage of clicks from those items to specific posts, I want to make sure that as much of the full content is getting pushed out as possible, especially in regard to promoting out Asian American media, organizations, and other news. Hopefully there shouldn't be any problems with how content is getting formatted etc., and it should take effect soon (but feel free to e-mail me if you see any issues that you wanted to alert me too).

One thing you might be seeing on feeds as well with this change, is a set of links which are like the "Cool Featured Impact" sidebar at the end of each post. Part of the reason I liked using shorter posts for feeds was getting people to see some more of the static sidebar CFI content and promoting those out as much as I can, but with more and more feed requests from disparate areas, it's just another chance to promote some of the great things out there in the community, which is a part of why this blog exists (and so that I can just hear myself type as well...).

Back to regular posting,