Guy Aoki And Chelsea Handler

Monday, September 01, 2008

While a lot of us know about Chelsea Handler and her jokes targeted at Asian Americans, just in case you forgot - and apparently the LA Times did - Guy Aoki sets the record straight again:

So The Los Angeles Times does another puff piece ["A Late-Night Snark," by Greg Braxton, Aug. 24] on another controversial celebrity and fails to mention how Chelsea Handler insulted the Asian American community.

Last year, while a guest on "The Tonight Show," Handler said of Angelina Jolie's Vietnamese son, Pax, "He probably doesn't even realize he's Asian yet. He certainly doesn't know he's going to be a horrible driver ... or that he's going to be amazing at doing nails!"

Funny how Handler didn't pick on Jolie's Ethiopian daughter -- imagine the outrage if she had! Thanks for once again proving the Asian American community -- the second largest minority in the city -- is of no concern to your staff. And you wonder why you keep losing readers.

Guy Aoki
Founding president,
Media Action Network for Asian Americans
Los Angeles