Ryder Cup: Anthony Kim

Monday, September 22, 2008


Over the weekend the U.S. golf team ended a long winning streak by its European counterpart (who had won the last three contests since 2002) to take back golf's Ryder Cup - and one of the key players who helped do that, was none other than 23 year-old Asian American Anthony Kim who not only played well in his team matchups but also helped set the tone for individual play by beating Sergio GarcĂ­a in the first of the singles matches.

Anthony Kim came in as a rising 23-year-old star, but a Ryder Cup neophyte. His talent was undeniable, but many wondered how he would handle golf's biggest stage. When the pairings were announced on Saturday night, their match, the first in Sunday's singles competition, was the instant eye-catcher.

The atmosphere on the first tee was electrifying, as Kim waved to the crowd and Garcia grinned at the blue European flags and singing fans [...]

Kim, five years Garcia's junior, was thriving in the Ryder Cup atmosphere. He smiled constantly, waved to fans in the fairways and played a free-flowing game. Kim was living up to the hype.

Both Kim and Garcia will certainly be stalwarts for their teams for many Ryder Cups to come, but it seemed that more was riding on this match than one point and Ryder Cup pride. As Kim leaves Valhalla, his performance has catapulted him to the upper echelon of the sport.

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