Music, Mayda, And Funk

Monday, September 01, 2008

It's kind of tough to tag the sound that Mayda has (at least for me) - a little rock, a little soul, definitely funk - but no matter how you classify it - you want take a listen to the Korean American artist out of the Twin Cities who's gotten some national plugs and has a sound that's all her own -- and she gets definite props for her response to a dumbass reporter who asked the question of what a Korean American woman was doing not only performing funk, but excelling at it (her answer: "You tell me. I just do it. Funk just speaks to me").

Here's a little more about Mayda from her MySpace page:

Korean + American + Funky + Rockin + 4'11 + Twin Cities = MAYDA MILLER.
Apply that equation to music, love, and life. Mayda LOVES, writes, produces, records, plays, and sings music.

She has written and played with the Sugar Divas, Jellybean Johnson of THE TIME, Chance Howard of THE TIME and PRINCE, Phil Hansen, Word For Word, the Boy Sopranos, Soul Asylum, and many more. Her music has gained local and national recognition.
And for my peeps in Minneapolis - make sure to get on out and support some local Asian American music and check out her show down at First Avenue September 17th and down at the She Rock Festival September 20th.