Dropping WWE Knowledge

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'll fully submit to it now (sorry I couldn't help it) that I really don't have a lot of WWE knowledge, nor have I ever really followed the world of wrestling to the point that others have, so I can't really write an in-depth article on the lack of Asian faces in the WWE - but this recent article down at the Bleacher Report by Ronnie Bryce definitely delves into the topic:

The last time WWE had a champion of Asian descent was 1987 and it was Ricky Steamboat as Intercontinetal Champion. With the amount of talent from Japan and of asian decent you'd think WWE would have had more asian champions.

In today's day and age when we might be about to elect the first black president, and finally after centuries and decades of predjudice towards people from different countries and ethnicities, we as a country are finally making strides to treat everyone equal with the same equal opportunities.

That is however an exception if your in WWE.
Even though the WWE and wrestling isn't quite up my alley, a lot of people do enjoy it - and a lot of kids - so how about it WWE?

Can we get some better representation?