Ma-Yi Theater Company: Savage Stage

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Here's some info on the new anthology put out by the May-Yi Theater Company called Savage Stage:

The highly anticipated anthology Savage Stage: Plays By Ma-Yi Theater Company contains nine World Premieres by the nation's leading Asian American theater company, as well as several critical essays. The book will include the plays Savage Acts by Kia Corthron, Jorge Ignacio Cortinas, Han Ong, and Sung Rno; Flipzoids by Ralph Pena; peregriNasyon by Chris Millado; Middle Finger by Han Ong; Woman From the Other Side of the World by Linda Faigao-Hall; wAve by Sung Rno; Trial by Water by Qui Nguyen; The Romance of Magno Rubio by Lonnie Carter; and Project: Balangiga by Ralph Pena and Sung Rno.
A snippet from an article at the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

“Savage Stage” is a compilation of nine previously produced Ma-Yi original plays as well as essays that locate the texts within the larger framework of Asian-American theater and Filipino diaspora.“This book invites the reader to study the plays’ and the company’s participation in the discourse on the ‘savage’ tropes of danger and deceit in plays that at initial reading seem to be merely about domestic dramas; the lure of self-exoticizing in the marketing of theater productions; and the articulation of nationalist struggles in homelands, even as the production site—New York—necessitates a rethinking of both cosmopolitanism and nationalism,” Barrios-Leblanc says.“The act of publishing the plays, therefore, is also a way for the company to re-evaluate not only the work it has done but also its vision of Asian-American theater in the context of contemporary developments in the world.”
To pick up the anthology go the Ma-Yi Theater Company's Web site.