DISMAL At Fangoria

Monday, September 01, 2008

Was meaning to post this up a week or so ago when I got the info, but wanted to mention that AA director/filmmaker Gary King and his new horror/bloodbath flick got some nice pub down at Fangoria:

To helm the carnage, Buckley and co. chose King, an award-winning short-film director. “For me to do this film, there had to be something new to the genre that we haven’t seen yet—and there are several elements in DISMAL which achieve that,” he says. “First and foremost, Bo wrote in some great kills, and that’s what first caught my eye. Second, and just as important, there’s a great villain. Let’s be honest—that’s who we come to see, right? The bad guy is always just a bit cooler than everyone else, and I believe we’ve achieved that here.”

“DISMAL is cool because it’s about cannibals who live among the rest of us, not zombies,” adds Bill Oberst Jr., who plays Ranger Dale. “Not that I have anything against a good zombie gorefest, but the idea of flesh-and-blood humans munching out on flesh and blood themselves is more disturbing by far.”
Sweet sweet cannibals.