Film: Letters From Death Row

Monday, September 01, 2008

While there hasn't been a lot of pub on this film (there's not even an IMDB entry on it), apparently the directorial debut by Chinese American Kevin Feng Ke Letters From Death Row (aka Ba Bai Bing) is one of the most anticipated films that's going to vie for the San Sebastian International Film Festival's New Director award.

Here's the synopsis of the film from the San Sebastian festival site:

A small time crook inside China’s maximum security prison is assigned a dubious job of recording last wills for the death row inmates scheduled for execution. Surrounded by men who are stuck in despair, desperation and mayhem, his close encounters with many condemned criminals brings him to the abyss of humanity. Under the constant watchful eyes of the wardens, a romance manages to develop between him and the beautiful female prisoner co-host at the prison radio station even though her execution is looming…
If you're interested here's another article on the festival and film down at Variety Asia.