Where Are The Asians? GE And Jossip

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Caught this news about GE CEO Jeff Immelt and some comments that were made at the Black Corporate Directors conference:

Two weeks ago at the "off-the-record" Black Corporate Directors conference, GE CEO Jeff Immelt (the Don Geis of the real world) made some comments that raised eyebrows. Jossip first broke the thin OTR seal late yesterday and reported them thusly:

At the panel, [moderator Soledad O'Brien] asked Immelt about diversity at NBC Universal — primarily, its lack of it. Immelt responded, according to our tipster, that he hires who he is "comfortable with." He followed up that statement by listing, in order, the "type" of people he trusts. And they are:

1) White Men
2) White Women
3) Black Men
4) Black Women

Okay, honestly, more than just eyebrows were raised. But since it was off the record and Jossip had only one source, GE officials are disputing this account.

Off the record, on the record (and does it really matter anyway?) while in some ways we've come to expect this type of thinking from Corporate America (and at the top of Corporate America where so few people of color have broken barriers because of this type of thinking) - did you notice who didn't even make it on this little racist list of trust?

Probably has something to do with Jeff thinking we're all spies.