Here's The Total Count For All The People Who Weren't White On The Emmys - And I Included Everyone

Monday, September 22, 2008

For some reason, I just decided to count all the people who weren't white that I saw on the Emmys - kind of as a joke at first - and I actually thought I'd stop about half way through, but since I saw so few people of color, decided to actually keep on counting and post up on my results.

Before I get down to the final numbers and some quick breakdowns and comparisons I should probably tell you about my methods for counting and how I came up with the numbers that I did:

1. When seeing POC I just made a slash mark for each individual and then a diagonal for every fifth person and then counted up all the blocks in the end. My piece of paper looked something like this:

2. I did all my tallying on a standard 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper, and to be more precise - a half a sheet.

3. I counted every single non-white person I saw on the Emmys including audience members, people from television clips they showed, winners, presenters - basically anyone I saw on the program anywhere, even if it was a half a face.

4. While I may have missed one or two people or possibly counted the same person twice by accident in the audience, I'm actually pretty confident I'm within 10-20 people of the real number.

And The Final Count Is...

The total count for every single person who wasn't white who I saw on the Emmys was (drum roll please) - 93.

Out of that 93, thirteen were in the Josh Groban montage either from the singers and musicians on stage as well as some of the clips (mainly from the Jeffersons), and fifteen of the people were from the nominees segment for writing for a variety, music, or comedy show - and ten of those were from Conan O'Brien and a picture of Angelina Jolie (whether those were baby pictures of the actual staff or just random kids I don't really know - and I'll take them either way).

If your counting, those two segments made up about 28 people, roughly 30% of the total.

And in comparison?

While you had two segments make up about a 1/3 of all POC shown on the 3 hour program - in two segments for outstanding guest on a series and director for a series (I think drama, but it doesn't really matter) the total amount of white people shown was about 150 give or take a few (including a section of the audience which if you didn't notice was pretty white).

That's more than the combined total of all the people I was counting put together.

At the same time - to give you another comparison, although not direct - the new Windows "I'm A PC" commercial shows roughly the same amount of people who weren't white as the Emmys did - in a one minute commercial.


I'm not really that surprised I guess given the state of T.V. (and I'm still wondering what actually possessed me to do this and make scratch marks on a piece of paper) - but if you were looking to the Emmys to see any people of color (or maybe rather hoping) you really didn't find that many - anywhere - and if you decided to make this into a drinking game - it probably wouldn't be that fun.