Getting Interracial: Akira's Hip Hop Shop

Monday, September 01, 2008

So I got some info sent to me on this, and while it's been making the rounds at film festivals, I just recently checked out the 22 minute version online and wanted to give a few quick thoughts:

Overall Impressions

It's definitely worth checking out. The filming, sound, music, edits - all of that was pretty sound and I liked the fact that it showed an interracial couple (Asian Male, Black Woman) and tried to put out images which in ways go against the grain - at least as far as media go. I also really liked some of the lighter moments in the film especially when they were talking about music and Hip Hop in different scenes.

At The Same Time

In some ways it still had that old school PSA vibe to it along with some of the stereotypical conversations that we've gotten used to hearing - and in that way it felt a little like "I've seen this before." I mean I get it in a lot of ways - and two people from "different worlds" who want to be together is as tried and true as anything, especially in a drama - but I guess that's part of my point.

Why do they have to be from different worlds?

Check out more at the official site where you can pre-order the DVD which comes out September 16th.