Random Reader Comments

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some reader comments that have been made from various posts (some on recent posts and some from posts back in time as the comment system was installed for all posts new and old):

From K On Dropping WWE Knowledge

It's definitely messed up when compared to the 90s with talent like Ultimo Dragon, Akira Hokuto, and Great Sasuke. Nowadays, the Japanese female talent alone can outshine most of the wrestlers in WWE. So, yeah.
From Peter On LPGA Gets A Clue And Rescinds English Only Policy

It wasn't xenophobic, it was linguaphobic. Get your PC slanders correct.
From Tad Nathaniel On A Quick Letter To Pau Gasol

Time-slip, if you will, back to the 1950-1960’s. The boss (of course, male) walks into the office, and pats his female secretary’s rear end. He says, "I like them round and plump." Now, someone from the 21st century tells this boss that he has done and said an awful thing, and he is being downright sexist.

His response: "I was giving my secretary a friendly greeting. It was just harmless fun. It is absurd for anyone to make a big thing of it. How could women possibly take offense at this? I’ll have you know that I am friends with many women!"

Dear stupid Spaniards, don’t you think it’s about time you learned that it is offensive when the people to whom you direct your words and actions, think it’s offensive? The ones dishing it out (that’s YOU) have NO say in whether people should be offended or not.Join us. We have already moved into the 21st century.

Hope you can catch up.
From Jeremiah On Halle Berry caught making racist Jewish joke on Jay Leno - and Leno tries to cover it up

lighten up people wtf, people are so f*cking uptight these days it's so sad.

"Next time maybe you can do some photos of you with some slanty eyes with some chopsticks and a laundry ticket and start sputtering out stereotypes and latent prejudices about Asian people too?"

wow you need to cover that remark buddy. That is so disrespectful of you to say, even if you were trying to make a point that is so offensive. how dare you.

You make me sick.
From Brian K On Because Breakfast at Tiffany's Just Can't Seem To Die

Cohn got a clue - and as you noted in your update, chose not to show the movie. You neglected to quote the article above in full, where you could have noted that "Cohn confessed he hasn't seen "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in decades and didn't recall the offensive content."

So, he was ignorant. But not insensitive.

And another correction - the event was not cancelled, just the choice of the offensive movie. They switched to RATATOUILLE.

Steve Cohn got it wrong, and made it right. Worth noting.
From Eddie On Heath Hyche: Last Yellow Face Comic Standing

you realize he was ridiculing 50s American Cinema for their racist portrayal of the Japanese during WWII, and not making fun of Japanese people at all, right? guess not. Neither did dumbasses Richard Belzer and Steve Schirripa. At least half the audience got it.
From Uglyblackjohn On An Open Letter To Georgia Republican Rep. Lynn Westmoreland Who Called Obama Uppity

At first, I just took the term to mean elitist or pernickety. But damn...great point.
From Park Ridge neighbor On Aurora Austriaco

Aurora Austriaco is an idiot and a fraud.
From Scott On Dumbass Blog Post: Is America Now No Longer Racist?

Nice try, boys. I'm essentially done as well because if you lose the racism issue, you have nothing at all to rail about. Your blog becomes some inane posts about hip hop and movies.

Anyway, keep up with the enlightened posts about how America is a hopeless cauldron of racist animals and I'll keep up with my posts about how America is the freest of nations and offers hope and properity to everyone.

Enjoy life in the greatest nation on Earth, I served in the armed forces to ensure that you have that right and privilege. I didn't serve for whites or Irish-Americans, I served for all Americans.

BTW, judging by your blogroll, you support a "progressive" agenda. The point of me bringing up FDR and the other cases was to clue you in that they has "progressive" agendas as well.

Enjoy being bitter about supposed racial injustice, I'll celebrate the diversity and opportunity afforded those who live here legally.