Survival Training With Yao Ming

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

While at first I actually did want to laugh a little (because for some odd reason the thought of Yao Ming helping to do a PSA for survival training conjured up a lot of thoughts) - since the broadcast across China does talk about what to do in earthquakes, it really is a serious PSA (although giggling a little is probably still O.K. when you first hear about it, especially if you thought of Yao being in the woods and trying to find his way home with some tree branches on his head so he could blend into the wilderness):

About 7.5 million Chinese households tuned into a program on emergency survival presented by basketball star Yao Ming and other members of China's Olympic team on Monday, China Central Television said on Tuesday.

It was considered a ratings success for an educational program broadcast during prime time and it would be aired three more times during peak viewing hours at the weekend in response to public feedback.

Jointly produced with the Ministry of Education, "The First Class" featured was divided into four units. Yao Ming and 17 national basketball players presented one lesson, helping an elderly paralyzed man and four children escape flooding by climbing onto a five-meter high vine frame.
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