And Again I Ask The Question Of What Needs To Be Done For Something To Be Classified As A Hate Crime

Monday, October 05, 2009

Someone help me out here.

There's a WF/BM couple taking a walk in a park in Phoenix, when one of them get's asked "What are you doing with that white woman?".

A half mile later after the same man asking the question gets into the car that follows them, both are shot, and the 39 year-old woman is dead.

But no one is actually calling it a Hate Crime.

Because they say there's nothing conclusive.

I understand you have to get the facts - but the fact is, that before this couple was shot, they were threatened.

What are you doing with that White woman? basically translates into I'm gonna fuck you up and You're a whore for letting that n*gger/ch*nk/sp*c piece of shit stick his dick into you."

Not really sure what else the Phoenix police needs to connect the dots.