Get Your Tamlyn Tomita On

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Got this sent out my way and just wanted to post it on up - because don't we all love us some Tamlyn Tomita?

DATE: Tuesday, October 6th
TIME: 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern
PLACE: Phone or webcast, it’s your choice

Tamlyn's inspirational career as an actor spans movies, television and the stage, and her leadership and activism spans the Japanese American and Asian American Pacific Islander communities.

When we thought of starting, Tamlyn was one of the first people we thought of to interview, because of her prominence and passion, and because we’d met her on the set of “Only the Brave,” Lane Nishikawa’s powerful movie about the Japanese American soldiers of the 100th Battalion/442nd Regimental Combat Team. Last year, we saw her again at the Democratic National Convention, when she was one of the emcees at an APIA Vote Gala to get Asian American Pacific Islanders involved in the political process.

She’s been in dozens of movies, television shows and theatrical productions. She’s a true leader within the AAPI community, and an inspiration for all of us. Tamlyn made her screen debut as Kumiko in “The Karate Kid, Part II” with Ralph Macchio and Pat “Noriyuki” Morita and is probably best known for her role as Waverly in “The Joy Luck Club.”

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