PAAFF: Starts Today

Friday, October 09, 2009


Opening Night Film – Children of Invention Tze Chun & Mynette Louie
Centerpiece Presentation – Formosa Betrayed Adam Kane & Will Tiao
Closing Night Film – Story of Wine Cheol-ha Lee & Cha Seung-jae
Karma Calling Sarba Das & Sarthak Das
Second Moon Masahiro Sugano & Sanghoon Lee
Why Am I Doing This? Tom Huang & N.D. Brown


Operation Babylift Tammy Nguyen Lee
A Song For Ourselves Tadashi Nakamura
Sounds of New Hope Eric Tandoc
A Village Called Versailles S. Leo Chiang
Whatever It Takes Christopher Wong


Blood Colony Jacob Holcomb
Boba and Melon Gum Alice Park
Cotabato City Karen Lin
Evolution Kenji Lui
Fine Threads Adele Pham & Desi Girls on the Rise
Fortune Cooking Jason Karman
Foxes Rob Schwartz
Half Kenneth Ken Ochiai
The Humberville Poetry Slam Emily Chang
I Don’t Sleep I Dream J.P. Chan
Imprint Van Blumreich
In Search of Colors Will Kim
Interpretation Lin Oeding
Let Old Ghosts Rest Gregory Cooke
The Letter Kris Mendoza
Lui Lui in Amelica Vera Wing Lui
Manoj Zia Mohajerjasbi & Hari Kondabolu
Memory Block Hari Alluri
Motoo Adele Pham & Bao Nguyen
Mr. Cupcakes Angela Chen
Pho Dac Biet Christina Tran
Plan B Kaidy Kuna
Seen/Unseen Sara Suleman
Subconscious Jason Chen
Survivors Soham Mehta
Tatang Jean “Nico” Paolo
The Veiled Commodity Vinh Dickson
Wake Up Dawen Wang