Seven Questions For Jany Lee From HGTV's Design Star

Friday, July 31, 2009

Reading on your HGTV bio under "Favorites" that pretty much anything by Depeche Mode is a favorite song, have any of your room designs ever been inspired by a Depeche Mode track and if so, what did that room actually turn out to look like?

I have never been asked to design a room inspired by a Depeche Mode song, but if I were to, I would start with the color palette of black and white with tones of gray. It would be graphic, modern, yet bold. I would use texture and print to make a statement, but at the same time making the room feel warm and cozy. I always try to personalize the space for the client in which I would take several of their favorite items and use them creatively as accessories. One example would be to take their favorite lyric and stencil it in a metallic finish on a wall for inspiration.

You're a transplant from Canada and while the great state of Texas is, well, the great state of Texas, is there anything you miss or crave about Canada that you just can't get here in the U.S.?

I find that Canada, particularly Toronto, is very multi-cultural and ethnically diverse. I miss being able to just drive a few miles to get excellent Indian, Caribbean, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Lebanese, Greek and Italian foods. Toronto has several different ethnically concentrated areas where you can find true authentic meals. I love to travel and explore new cultures, and so my palette has grown to appreciate all different types of food. Some days I crave Greek, and the next day I will want to eat Indian!

As an Asian American in design, is it something you think about consciously, and how much does it come up - positively or negatively? If you look at the fields where Asian Americans face stereotypes, do you think design is one of them, and how important do you think it is to have Asian American faces in the interior design industry?

I grew up in a strict traditional Asian family where academics were strongly emphasized and arts never encouraged. I have always been creative, but didn’t pursue it since I felt the need to follow the path of going to a prestigious University in Canada (Queen’s University in Kingston) and graduating with an Honors Degree in Economics. I worked at an Investment Brokerage firm for years, hating my job and being unhappy every day. There is a lot of pressure within the Asian culture to be successful within an academic field of study, but not every Asian will be happy to find a career related to it. I finally made a decision that I wanted to live my best life, to be happy and to wake up feeling inspired to work each day. Naturally, for me, that was to become an interior designer. I gave up my corporate job to start my own business as an interior designer and I’ve never looked back since. I love what I do! I am so passionate about design that I can do it every waking minute and it doesn’t feel like work at all. Whether you are Asian, Hispanic, African-American, or Caucasian, the bottom line is this – you have to work in the field that you enjoy. Time will pass before you know it, so follow your dream and keep a positive attitude! I think it is important to have some Asian American faces in the interior design industry, because it inspires young Asian Americans who may have an interest or talent in the Arts to pursue their dream. I hope that it would also loosen the stereotypical idea that Academics are more respected as a career path. This is the perfect reason to vote for me as your favorite HGTV designer!

Who's the dog salsa dancing with you in your HGTV audition video?

I am very passionate about animals and helping them in any way that I can. I feel that we are a voice for them and that they need us more than we realize. For the past few years, I have been fostering with a local non-kill shelter in Dallas called Paws in the City and that dog was one of my foster dogs. I had found her as a stray in the middle of nowhere and had brought her home to nurture her back to health. Her name was Victoria, but her new adoptive parents have since renamed her Stella.

If you could design a room for some Asian or Asian American actors, musicians, or political figures, who might some of those be and why?

Yoko Ono and Margaret Cho for their eclectic style, I think my imagination could be limitless to create a space that would be out of the norm. Yo Yo Ma to create that pristine and strictly traditional formal room. I would love to tackle spaces on both the extreme spectrum of styles.

What do you as both a person and a designer take away from the HGTV experience?

Although I am very good with time management, being on the show was on a completely different schedule! I learned to be more flexible in my designs and to adapt to unexpected problems quickly. I came up with solutions and executed them in no time!

Last optional question. Have any recommendations for restaurants in Toronto that have good food and a nice design aesthetic?

Susur Lee is an amazing chef that has 2 restaurants next to each other in Toronto called Madeline’s (after his mother) and Lee.

Also, “Thai Basil” is my favorite Thai restaurant outside of Thailand. The d├ęcor isn’t the best, but the food makes up for it.

Monsoon Restaurant was designed by one of my favorite design firms Yabu Pushelberg.

Thanks to Jany Lee for taking the time to answer the questions and for Katie in setting up the interview. Check more out on Design Star at HGTV.

Tonight: Battle Tactiks

Friday, July 31, 2009

I've Been Shuffled

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It took a ton of bribes, some half nude pictures, and lots of promises I'll never keep - but it was all worth it.

See what happened to come up when I was Shuffled! down at Boston Progress Radio.

On Administrative Leave: Boston Cop's Racist Henry Louis Gates E-mail

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't get me wrong - I know we have due process and all that - unions, associations - which for the most part, are there to help the employee against wrongful actions by an employer, or by just plain angry folks out to get the employee - I get that.

But when you're an officer and you send out a mass e-mail calling Henry Louis Gates Jr. a "b*nana-eat*ng bumbling j*ngle m*nkey" - dude (and there's more) - what other criteria should there be for termination especially when the Commissioner and the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association both condemn it?

I know - gotta be safe and do it by the book.

But if this guy (Justin Barrett) keeps his job after the termination hearing - there definitely needs to be a new clause in the employer/employee agreement.

Charlyne Yi + Channing Tatum + Dirty Dancing = Lots Of Fun

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Caught this down at Disgrasian as I was catching up on some news and wanted to re-post it up here.


Project: Locating Ourselves in History

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Got this sent out my way and wanted to post it up as it sounds pretty cool - so head on out and add your story.

LEAP’s Leadership-in-Action (LIA) Interns Ask Asian Pacific Islander Americans to Reclaim History by Sharing Stories

Los Angeles, CA – A website showcasing a collection of personal narratives and histories of Asian Pacific Islander Americans will launch August 14th. The project, entitled Locating Ourselves in History, will be located at and aims to reweave the fabric of the American experience.

The project, put together by interns in the Leadership-in-Action program run by Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc. (LEAP) will display narratives and histories via an interactive timeline and geographical map.

The interns draw inspiration from Helen Zia, a journalist and scholar prominent in the Asian American community. Leslie Chanthaphasouk, an LIA intern, said, "I remember sitting in class, and hearing Zia's quote about not learning anything about people of color. She called us M.I.H, or 'missing in history.' It really formed the basis of our project." Jen Ju, another intern, added, "What we're looking at is an intersection of histories. On one hand, we have what's written in textbooks. This project will make sure that those stories of the struggles in the Asian Pacific Islanders that didn't make it will have a home."

The project, entitled Locating Ourselves in History focuses on the experience of Asian Americans. The project seeks to write history/herstory through the stories of various Asian Americans across the nation. Vi Nguyen noted, "Locating Ourselves in History means taking ownership of our own personal histories and making Asian American stories a part of a larger fabric of stories from different communities which make up the American experience."

Asian Pacific Islander Americans are invited to share their stories, while those from Southern California are particularly encouraged to participate. Interested persons can submit their personal narratives, histories and experiences by filling out the form at, or by uploading video to YouTube and sending the link through the form or to Submissions will be taken until August 9th.

About LEAP’s LIA Program:

Leadership in Action (LIA) is an eight-week paid summer internship program designed to develop emerging young leaders by providing college students with practical leadership skills and the opportunity to work hands-on in the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community in Southern California. Approaching its 12th year, the program takes learning beyond the classroom, and places the student interns in a range of API community based organizations in order to gain real-life experience working at nonprofits.

Racist Sam Yoon Graffiti

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

While the picture might be a little hard to read, the billboard reads "Sam Yoon For Mayor" which someone decided to remake into "Sam Coon For Mayor".


Racist graffiti for Sam Yoon!

You already know what I'm going to say, so we'll just leave it at that.

Thanks Fritz

August 6th: Magnetic North, Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, Taiyo Na, And The DramaFever Launch Party

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So you've heard me talk about the cool site DramaFever in past posts and recently about them getting out of Beta and going live with the service - and in addition to opening up to the public - they're also throwing a party.

And you're invited:

DramaFever goes live the first week of August and we’re going to throw a special party in New York City to celebrate! We’ll be at Circle, one of New York City’s hottest clubs — and you’re invited! Come Thursday, August 6, at 7pm — and be on time, because the first 100 people will receive gift bags with goodies from Ito En, THEME Magazine, MiN New York, La Vie Zen Spa, mark. and Time Out NY Magazine. MiN New York and La Vie Zen Spa will also be contributing sweet door prizes! Not to be outdone at our own party, we’ll be giving out DramaFever goodies too. (the rumor is autographed items…)

We’ve got some very special guests coming too! Spoken word artist Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai from HBO’s Def Poetry and hip hop artist Taiyo Na will make appearances. They’ll be joined by hip hop MCs Direct and Theresa Vu, known together as Magnetic North!

Exciting stuff, eh?! Shoutouts to AllKpop and DramaBeans who have been some of our biggest supporters! Check out the awesome launch party flyer from SouthEdge Design!


Circle Nightclub135 West 41st, btwn 6th Ave and Broadway
Age requirement is 21+


Thursday, August 6, 7-9pm

Special Guests:

Magnetic North
Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai
Taiyo Na

Did we mention it’s a FREE EVENT too? ^_^

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!!!
DramaFever Goodies. Kick ass special guests. And it costs you nothing.

What more do you want?

Because You Just Want More Wonder Girls

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From their NY performance.

Equality California And The Veto Of Critical AIDS Funding

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Got this sent out my way (thanks Vaishalee) and wanted to re-post it on up because it's important to know - and it affects everyone - black, white, brown, - and if you're so inclined - I'm sure you can find a way to help on out.

Equality California Calls Governor’s Veto of Critical AIDS Funding Shortsighted, Immoral

Sacramento – Governor Schwarzenegger today line-item vetoed close to $52 million in funding to the State Office of AIDS. These funds support education and prevention, therapeutic monitoring, counseling and testing, early intervention, home and community based care, and housing.

Although Californians living with HIV and AIDS will still have access to lifesaving medications, more residents will be at risk of infection because of dramatic cuts to education and prevention efforts.

“These cuts are both fiscally short-sighted and immoral, given the grave human cost,” said Geoff Kors, executive Director of Equality California (EQCA). “More people will contract HIV and some will die from AIDS earlier or have a harder time managing their disease because we are not investing in early intervention, testing or counseling. People will lack support in their homes and communities, where they often receive the best and most culturally competent care. And low-income people living with HIV and AIDS will be more likely to become homeless. The Governor is dismantling a proven model of wrap-around care for HIV that has made California a leader. The Governor shouldn’t try to solve California’s fiscal crisis on the backs of our state’s most vulnerable,” Kors said.

Equality California (EQCA) is the largest statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender-rights advocacy organization in California. In the past decade, EQCA has strategically moved California from a state with extremely limited legal protections for LGBT individuals to a state with some of the most comprehensive civil-rights protections in the nation. EQCA has passed over 50 pieces of legislation and continues to advance equality through legislative advocacy, public education and community empowerment.
Check it out down at

Tony Hsieh, Amazon, Alfred Lin, And Lots Of Cash

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just saw this new post down at TechCrunch on Zappos. Must be nice to Alfred Lin and Tony Hsieh (and the whole crew down at Zappos too):

Lin dropped out of a PhD program at Stanford to join LinkExchange in 1996 as acting CFO. Two years later the company was acquired by Microsoft for $265 million in stock. He then cofounded Venture Frogs, a $27 million venture fund, with college buddy Tony Hsieh. Investments included Zappos, TellMe, OpenTable, MyAble, Mongo Music and Ask Jeeves, all of which have been acquired or went public.

Lin then joined TellMe in 2001 as VP Finance and Business Development. At the time he joined the company was losing $60 million per year, he tells me. Microsoft bought the company for $800 million in 2007.

Then he really outdid himself. He joined Zappos, reuniting with his old friend Hsieh, in 2006 as COO and CFO. How’d they do? Yeah, they were acquired last week by Amazon for close to $1 billion.
Curious to know how they made out? No problem.

Asians Unwelcome: The Model Minority and the Progressive Narrative

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So I got an e-mail from an editor (Peter) of a new youth-oriented political news and commentary site called The DC Writeup and he asked if I could post up some Op-Ed by Josh Xiong called Asians Unwelcome: The Model Minority and the Progressive Narrative which you'll want to give a read if only to hear more voices:

Posted on 27 July 2009 by Josh Xiong via The D.C. Writeup

Back in high school, the unwritten consensus among my Asian peers was that applying to the colleges of our choice would be an exceptionally arduous process. Although the majority of us were applying to selective schools, we knew that we had to exceed the requirements demanded of normal applicants due to our race. This was simply a fact to be acknowledged and shrugged off; an annoying fate to be accepted and endured. Years later, having nearly completed my university career, I am now left with a deep bitterness. This is not due to rejection (I had been accepted at some fine schools, but turned them down for financial reasons), but disillusionment. Having asked some long overdue questions, I have come to the conclusion that the struggles my peers and I faced in the college admissions game were endemic of a much larger problem: a substantial sub-section of America has no desire to see Asian Americans realize the American Dream, and perhaps even a desire to see them fail.

Why do I feel this way, and who am I talking about? First, it is in the interest of every Asian American to ask why, in a country so eager to heal its past racial wounds, the supposedly enlightened wise-men — the academic elite who control the levers of power, class, and social mobility — have decided to cravenly stack the cards against one of its few thriving minority groups.

Young Asian Americans who are striving to succeed and reach their potential have to jump through artificially designed hoops that no other ethnicity in America has to face. In their 2005 study The Opportunity Cost of Admission Preferences at Elite Universities, authors Thomas Epsenshade and Chang Y. Chung of Princeton University conclude that “removing consideration of race would have a minimal effect on white students . . . the white acceptance rate would rise by just 0.5 percentage points,” but “Asian applicants are the biggest winners if race is no longer considered in admissions . . . Asians, who comprised 29.5 percent of total applicants in 1997, would make up 31.5 percent of accepted students in the simulation… compared with an actual proportion of 23.7 percent.” In a 2004 study, Epsenshade, Chung and Walling found that “other things equal, recruited athletes gain an admission bonus worth 200 [SAT] points, while preference for legacy candidates is worth 160 points. Asian-American applicants face a loss equivalent to 50 SAT points.” In her Weekly Standard article “Asians the New Jews?” Jenifer Rubin reveals a finding from John Bunzel and Jeffrey Adu that in 1982 Asian Americans applying to Harvard had to score 112 points higher on the SAT than Caucasians who were admitted.

It might be that the sub-optimal numbers of Asians accepted are simply a byproduct of racial preferences for under-represented minorities. But that would not account for why Caucasians are not equally affected, or why privileged legacy applicants and athletic recruits are given a leg up in admissions. Indeed, a higher standard seems to be in place for Asian applicants, who must not only compete against others but themselves. At a 2006 panel hosted by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, one high school guidance counselor stated — to affirmation from many others in attendance — that “counselors feel they have no choice but to mention students’ Asian status and to try to make it seem like their Asian students are different from other Asian students (emphasis added).” Such a statement would ring hollow among members of other minority groups, who often find they have compelling admissions narratives because of their ethnic backgrounds, not in spite of them. Imagine a black or Hispanic student trying to list all the ways in which he or she went against their ethnic tradition. Moreover, the statement implies that Asians are somehow sub-optimal human beings who must transcend their cultural backgrounds if they are to rub shoulders with the best and the brightest. One shudders at how damaging that must be for the self-esteem of young Asian Americans.

To understand why such hardships are meted out to Asian Americans is to understand the people doing the meting. Very few will deny that academia — especially elite academia — is predominantly left wing in its political leanings. Tides of radicalism and moderation come and go, but the pervading ideological base of American scholars remains enduringly progressive. A 2002 survey of Ivy League professors showed that 84 percent voted for Al Gore in the 2000 elections, whereas only 9 percent voted for Bush. One interviewed professor — the Columbia international relations scholar Robert Jervis — admitted, “The [data from the survey] is certainly plausible. Most professors, certainly in the social sciences, are liberal Democrats.” And it is no surprise that the twin aims of Ivy League admissions — “diversity” and racial equality — are safely ensconced in the liberal lexicon.

So what do progressives have against Asians? Perhaps the initial progressive gripe is that Asians lack a compelling identity as a group — i.e., they are boring. Ward Connerly of Minding the Campus reports of one encounter with a University of California admissions officer: “In an unguarded moment, he told me that unless the University took steps to “guide” admissions decisions, UC would be dominated by Asians. When I asked, “What would be wrong with that?” I got an answer that speaks volumes about the underlying philosophy at many universities with regard to Asian enrollment. The UC administrator told me that Asians are “too dull — they study, study, study.” The statement may have come from the individual, but it no doubt reflects a coordinated policy by university officials.

The irony lies in the fact that progressives routinely claim their independence from stereotypes and their unparalleled ability for empathy, and yet in this instance they indulge in a grossly offensive overgeneralization. Proponents of affirmative action might counter that Asian Americans have not faced the kinds of adversity that beneficiaries of affirmative action — blacks and Hispanics — have for generations faced. Of course, this is to hide behind a “veil of ignorance” and wish away a sordid history. These progressives conveniently forget the Asian Americans who were exploited for their backbreaking labor constructing the country’s trans-continental railways; those who were barred from becoming citizens under the Chinese Exclusionary Act of 1882; or those who endured the seizure of their property and the internment of their persons during the Second World War. They also “forget” that despite the educational and professional success of Asian Americans today, many still come from poor immigrant families — some of whom are still in legal limbo — who must simultaneously work for their future while assimilating into their present environments. If university admissions policies were about redressing past grievances and present adversity, Asian Americans would be getting their “fair share” as well.

I suspect that what really bothers the left about Asian Americans is their success. The progressive narrative is about the oppressive white male — “the Man” — who hordes the country’s wealth and power by keeping minority groups — blacks, Hispanics, women, homosexuals — from self-actualizing and succeeding. If such groups are not thriving, it is because they are systematically disadvantaged. The narrative is so appealing because it is so plausible: just point to America’s legacy of slavery, Jim Crow laws, and female disenfranchisement. The problem lies in the fact that unlike blacks and Hispanics, Asian American success does not conform to the narrative’s predictions. A survey of average SAT scores done by the National Center for Education Statistics found that from 1986 to 2005, Asian Americans, despite immigrant influences, come only second to Caucasians on average verbal scores, and ahead of Blacks, Hispanics, Mexicans, and American Indians. Over the same time-span, Asian Americans have had the highest SAT math averages of all ethnicities, even Caucasians. If the white “Man” is trying to keep a contending ethnic group down, he is not doing a very good job. Such an “inconvenient truth” grates on progressive nerves.

They say that ideology is a blinding force. Perhaps progressives are implementing discriminatory policies as a means to stem the success of Asians, so that the future results will fall more in line with their beliefs. Or perhaps they are afraid that in a merit-based system, large numbers of Asian Americans will rise to places of power and influence without the requisite progressive narrative because they succeeded in spite of “The Man.” I may be simply throwing out conspiracy theories. But I know this much is clear: a body of influential people, largely progressive in their politics, have implemented progressive policies that work against me and my peers in our pursuit of greater educational and social mobility. Such progressive elites refuse to acknowledge the struggles of my people, appreciate the nuances of our experiences, or reward us on our merits. The onus is on them to prove why my conclusions are false.

Yingchen (Josh) Xiong, an undergraduate at the University of Toronto and the senior editor of the Toronto Globalist, is a weekly contributor to the DC Writeup. He blogs at Neocon Blues.

Loretta Nguyen, James Dawson, And Anna May Wong Cool

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Caught the pic and this article about James Dawson and Loretta Nguyen from fiftyseven-thirtythree down at talking about badass Congee, Prop 8, and fixing cars with paper clips.


Reading Material: Filipinos in Carson and the South Bay

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

While I'm book illiterate it still doesn't stop me from recommending books - because it at least makes me feel like a reader (and we all need dreams):

Pimp it.

Book Description:

One of Carson’s most distinct features is its diversity. The city is roughly one-quarter each Hispanic, African American, white, and Asian/ Pacific Islander. This last group’s vast majority are Filipinos who settled as early as the 1920s as farmworkers, U.S. military recruits, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, and other laborers, filling the economic needs of the Los Angeles region. This vibrant community hosts fiestas like the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture and has produced local community heroes, including “Uncle Roy” Morales and “Auntie Helen” Summers Brown. Filipino students of the 1970s organized to gain college admissions, establish ethnic studies, and foster civic leadership, while Filipino businesses have flourished in Carson, San Pedro, Wilmington, Long Beach, and the surrounding communities. Carson is recognized nationally as a Filipino American destination for families and businesses, very much connected to the island homeland.

Author Bio:

Coauthors and couple Florante and Roselyn Ibanez, Carson residents, have sought out family albums, organizational records, and personal stories to present this evocative history of their community. Florante is a library manager at Loyola Law School and adjunct professor at Loyola Marymount University. Rose serves as the board chair for the Filipino American Library and works for the City of Los Angeles.

Ryan and Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure #9 On iTunes?

Monday, July 27, 2009

I actually haven't seen this yet (although I do have a DVD screener of it if I'm so inclined), and I'm not sure I'm the target demographic for the film - but you or someone you know might be - but just in case you were wondering - apparently it's #9 on iTunes.

Give it up for dudes from YouTube.

More later...

Some House Cleaning

Monday, July 27, 2009

So normally I don't need to do this type of housecleaning - because like me - my readers actually don't comment too much (I like to think of us as voyeurs) - but with this Golden Blade III post and some other things over the last couple of weeks I gotta set down some rules - so feel free to listen, or skip on over and not hear a word I say (and then that's just that).

1. My blog my rules. If you don't like it, I don't care. In my 2000+ posts here I pretty much delete nothing because my thought is that if you say it, it stands. But there's a point as well, and in the case of the Golden Blade III post - I decided that point was reached - and this was done for a number of reasons. If you post racial bullshit and I'm feeling so inclined, I'll pull it. Most days I won't because I'll let you look like the dumbass you are, but some days I will - again - my blog, my rules and in comparison to many other blogs I'm pretty damn easy. Simple as that. And as a general guideline, if you end up using a tragedy to market your business - which happened a couple of weeks ago - I'm gonna delete it if I see it.

2. To friends, foes, acquaintances - everyone in between. Online, offline, a conversation is a conversation - you give what you want to give. Give only what you feel is necessary, but always remember that someone's listening. Be safe here and anywhere else you hit up.

3. I'm the sole blogger here like I've said before - no staff, no group, no organization, no brand - just yours truly slantyeyefortheroundeye - aka Slanty Slant. When I post comments you see it under slanteyefortheroundeye. It's pretty easy. Follow the threads.

That's it.

Because Your Summer Just Wouldn't Be Complete Without It: Kollaboration Acoustic 3

Monday, July 27, 2009

Definitely set your calendars and make sure to get your tix early for Kollaboration Acoustic 3 which is going to feature Gabe Bondoc, Mike Isberto, AJ Rafael Band, Susanna Yoon, Afraid of Everest, Jinah Kim, Megan Lee, Yoori Park and Alfa Garcia - what more can you ask for?

Check out all the info on the show below.

Kollaboration Acoustic 3 will take place on Saturday, August 22nd 2009, 7:30pm at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood as the third and final Kollaboration show to take place in Southern California this year.

Following the main Kollaboration 9 show which boasts 6,000 sold-out seats at the Shrine Auditorium this past February and the recent success of Kollaboration Hip Hop and Laugh-Off at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, Kollaboration is bringing its Acoustic 3 show back to the same location for another unique evening for music and inspiring new talents.

Acoustic 3 will bring to the arena musicians that perform their vocals with various non-electrical instruments such as percussions, string and woodwind instruments. As an annual talent competition, 10 musical acts were selected after a competitive round of auditions in front of Kollaboration judges. Similar to our past performers, many of this year’s performers have already garnered well established internet followings, while others are looking to Acoustic 3 to introduce their talents to a new fan base.

This year’s performers to compete for First Place and $1,000 include: Gabe Bondoc, Mike Isberto, AJ Rafael Band, Susanna Yoon, Afraid of Everest, Jinah Kim, Megan Lee, David Tran aka Applesauce, Yoori Park and Alfa Garcia. Thanks to Verizon Wireless, a live Verizon Wireless Audience Choice Award Winner will also receive $1,000 via text message voting from the audience in attendance that evening.

In addition to the musical raw talent, Acoustic 3 will also present comedienne Monrok, a regular with a very loyal following at The Comedy Store, The Hollywood Improv and the Ice House in Pasadena and comedian Jimmy Brogan, guest star of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with David Letterman and The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Additional guest performers and guest judges will also be present.

Kollaboration Acoustic 3 will be another platform for the growing number of API (Asian Pacific Islander) artists and the greater API community to come together to celebrate under the summer stars in an intimate and friendly environment. Ford Amphitheatre, will seat 1,200 and is located at 2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East, Hollywood, CA 90068 off the 101 Hollywood Freeway across from the Hollywood Bowl and south of Universal Studios. The grounds open two hours before show time for picnicking. The Ford offers a number of dining options: a variety of food and beverages is available on site and box dinners for evening events may be ordered in advance. Patrons are welcome to bring their own food and drink. The Ford is disabled accessible. Portable wireless listening devices are available upon request.

Tickets, priced at $25 and $12 for full-time students with ID and children 12 and under, are available at or 323 461-3673. Through the Ford’s early buyer incentive, adults who buy tickets on or before August 15 pay only $20.

On-site, stacked parking: $5 per vehicle for evening shows, $1 per vehicle for morning family shows FREE, non-stacked parking & FREE shuttle to the Ford (evenings only): Universal City Metro Station lot at Lankershim Blvd. and Campo de Cahuenga. The Ford shuttle stops in the “kiss and ride” area and cycles every 15 to 20 minutes.

This event is part of the Ford Amphitheatre 2009 Summer Season, a multi-disciplinary arts series produced by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission in cooperation with Los Angeles County-based arts organizations. For a complete season schedule, directions to the theater and parking information, log on to
See the trailer

Hit up Kollaboration for more info on the competitors and to buy tickets.


6th Annual 72 Hour Film Shootout Winners and Top Ten

Monday, July 27, 2009

Here's the list of the 72 Hour Film Shootout Winners and Top Ten:

Top 10

1. Team HeadOn “Times [not] Up”
2. Color TV “Grace & the Staten Island Fairy”
3. Fish Grenade “25 Mins”
4. A Green Bowl “Just A Burger”
5. Vision “96-120”
6. Team Persimmon “Broken”
7. Barkada Inc. “Time Out”
8. The Sexiest One in the Bunch “A Date with Time “
9. imua! Theatre and Film Company “White Rabbit”
10. Fresh C Crew “Time After Time”

Best Actor

Rain Noe “Grace & the Staten Island Fairy”

Best Actress

Ginger Kroll “Broken”

Best Cinematography

Fish Grenade “25 Mins” — WINNER
Last Minute Films “An Untitled Project”
Kevin Boston “The One”
Wet Maynard “Season’s End”
AK9 Films “Now”

Best Story

One Hundred Hand Clap “Is There Anything Else?”
Fish Grenade “25 Mins”
Color TV “Grace & the Staten Island Fairy”
Barkada Inc. “Time Out”
Team HeadOn “Times [not] Up” — WINNER

Most Original Use of Theme

Fish Grenade “25 Mins”
A Green Bowl “Just A Burger” — WINNER
Vision “96-120”
Fresh C Crew “Time After Time”
Argosy “I Have A Rendezvous With Death”

Best Editing

Vision “96-120”
A Green Bowl “Just A Burger”
Fish Grenade “25 Mins”
Team HeadOn “Times [not] Up” — WINNER
imua! Theatre & Film Company “White Rabbit”

Best Direction

Color TV “Grace & the Staten Island Fairy”
One Hundred Hand Clap “Is There Anything Else?”
Fish Grenade “25 Mins”
imua! Theatre & Film Company “White Rabbit”
Team HeadOn “Times [not] Up” — WINNER

The Films (which you can also check out at the 72 Hour Film Shootout YouTube channel)

Monday Morning Music Video Probably Not Suitable For Viewing At Your Work (Which Basically Means You'll Watch It There Anyway)

Monday, July 27, 2009

I posted up a link to this a while back - but since it's a Monday, and it is my blog, I figured I'd just embed it so you don't have to click to watch the Official Uncut Version of the Fabulous Miss Wendy video where you get to see Karin Anna Cheung get it on with...well...pretty much everybody from the film The People I've Slept With which looks like it is going to be premiering this fall.

Much better than coffee.

20,000 To 30,000 Isn't Bad

Monday, July 27, 2009

Just a quick shout out to the Northern Illinois Korean American Business Association (feel free to catch your breath now) on what appears to have been a great first time event attracting between 20,000-30,000 people.

Just goes to show you what a little DIY will get ya.

Maryland, Swastikas, And Racist Messages

Monday, July 27, 2009

Even though the area is apparently pretty multicultural and store owners say that a racial crime is out of the norm - it apparently didn't stop someone from defacing a Brooklyn Park hair salon:

Anne Arundel County police are investigating a burglary over the weekend that left a Brooklyn Park hair salon defaced with racist messages and swastikas. Police said in a statement that they believe a single person was responsible for the break-in at Heavenly Hands Unisex Salon. They called the crime an "apparent arson attempt" - gasoline or some other combustible liquid was poured everywhere, including in the hair dryers. Whoever broke in also stole a computer and several other items.

The spray-painted messages used racial epithets - aimed at African-Americans and people of Chinese descent - and promised "more to come." Owner Sharanda Brown is African-American; some of the other store owners and managers in the Brooklyn Park Plaza on Ritchie Highway are Asian-American.
Let's hope they find the perp before more comes.

More Updates On Laura Ling and Euna Lee

Monday, July 27, 2009

Not just for you - but for me as well - here's some update on Euna Lee and Laura Ling, and at least according to the second news story - there could be a glimmer of hope.

North Korean Labor Camps 'Brutal,' but Are Jailed U.S. Journalists There?

Family members of the women say they are are being pressured to remain silent and not to conduct interviews, in order to avoid upsetting the delicate situation. Ling's father, Douglas Ling, refused to speak with about his daughter's imprisonment, but a friend of Laura's said she worried Ling and Lee's story would soon be forgotten.

"My fear is as the time goes longer with them over there ... that this is going to be pushed aside," said Takoa Stathem, who noted that it has been over a month since any word on their condition has come in from North Korea. Lee's husband, Michael Saldate, spoke at a vigil in Chicago on July 19 and said he received a message that the women were staying in a "luxury hotel," but he said that isn't the case.

"They aren't," Saldate said, according to ABC's Chicago affiliate. "They're staying in a medical detention center. They are treated fairly, but it's still not easy because they're away from their friends and their family."

State Department officials declined on Friday to respond to questions about the women's whereabouts, saying only that the last contact between Ling, 32, Lee, 36, and the Swedish ambassador in North Korea was on June 23 at an undisclosed location.
N.K., U.S. in "active consultations" on detained reporters

North Korea and the United States are in "active consultations" on how to resolve a standoff over two American journalists detained in the secretive communist nation, an informed diplomatic source here said Sunday, according to Yonhap News. The ongoing consultations through the North's diplomatic mission to the U.N., often called the "New York channel," are focused on who the U.S. government should send as a special envoy to Pyongyang to bring back the two female reporters, the source added.

"The U.S. has in principle reached a compromise with North Korea on the dispatch of a special envoy for their release," the source told Yonhap News Agency, requesting anonymity apparently due to the sensitivity of the issue. "The two sides are continuing related consultations. You may say 70-80 percent of the negotiations are done."

It's Big: Kuroshio Sea

Monday, July 27, 2009

Caught this at degenerasian - and just like the post says - get me a ticket and I'm there.

Random Post On My Cat

Monday, July 27, 2009

Seriously - I'm searching for answers - my cat has gotten HUGE - and yes - it's partly my fault since I pretty much feed him anything he wants - pizza, chicken, gyros, Doritos, Twinkies, cookies, steak, ham, regular cat food, cat treats, egg rolls, donuts, fried fish, breadsticks, bulgogi - I actually think my cat's a dog - but now he's gotten to a point where when I pick him up he's really heavy - like ubber heavy.

I even tried taking him for a walk (and yes - it's as absurd as it sounds) - but I figured hell with it - I'll try anything - and just for the record - I had to get the small dog size harness because he couldn't fit his fat ass inside a regular cat sized harness - and just for the record again - he didn't do shit - he just laid there like the fat ass he is.

And he really doesn't play with toys anymore unless they get him high - and then he looks like he wants to eat me - so I don't really get him high that much anymore.

Again, I realize the eating machine is my own creation, but I'm just throwing it out there that if anyone has gotten their cat on some sort of fitness regiment, I'm all ears (you have my e-mail).

I know....just stop feeding him jelly filled donuts....

Bad habits are hard to break?

Bruce Lee Dot Com

Monday, July 27, 2009

I caught that was coming out via AngryAsianMan last week, and I've been checking it out over the weekend - and it's damn cool - so make sure to check it out if you get a chance.


I'll completely admit that I just moused over the menu buttons for a while as I listened to the tunage in the background.

Ninja Assassin Trailer: 1080P Full HD

Monday, July 27, 2009

You might have already caught the trailer, but I'm posting this one anyway.


MV: Erika David "My Heels"

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fish Get Asian American Kids Beat Up?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Honestly I don't really get the whole fishing industry thing - good, bad, in the middle - I just know what I like to eat, but I happened to read this article about fishing and dolphins, and honestly - I really only came away with two things:

1. Asian American kids are getting beat up because of fish?

2. I'm not saying that capturing animals...and right, would we know if a dolphin could actually understand 90 commands of American Sign Language if we didn't at least give 'em a place to stay for a little while?

More Interesting YA Book Cover Stories

Monday, July 27, 2009

In a previous post you heard me talking about a book that even though it was about a young Black girl, the publisher decided to make her into a White girl (at least on the cover). I happened to stumble on this piece of news that while not quite the same - rings a little similar.

For Fly on the Wall, which also had a redesign recently, a number of covers were tried with a Chinese American girl on the cover. My publisher did not seem to have any fear of Gretchen's race putting off potential buyers (she is mixed race: caucasian/Jewish on one side, Chinese American on the other) -- but in the end, a face shot didn't convey the spirit of the book well, and they went another direction.

The girl on the new cover could be Gretchen, but she's really more a fantasy imagination of Gretchen as a superhero, rather than Gretchen herself. I love this new cover for FLY, but I do think it's possible to imagine the girl is completely caucasian if that's your default imagination setting. And that's a pity, because Asian American kids looking to find themselves in fiction won't easily find themselves here. They'll have to pick up the book and read the flap copy and infer G's race and cultural background from her name: Gretchen Kaufman Yee.
I wonder when people will start realizing that they can in fact put someone of color on the the front of a YA book and that it actually just might sell.

Who knows.

It might even do better than if they had someone who was White on the cover.

That's A First: Col. Viet Luong

Monday, July 27, 2009

For all my Viet peeps straight from the Daily Dose:

Fresh off a 14-month deployment to Iraq, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 101st Airborne Division is preparing for a new Afghanistan mission with a new commander who brings a unique perspective to the ongoing wars. Col. Viet Luong came to America in 1975 with his family as refugees from Vietnam. He said he is considered the first Vietnamese-American to command an Army combat brigade, having taken up his post in February. From growing up amid a war to preparing a battle-hardened brigade for its fifth deployment, he describes his rise to the post as a deeply satisfying journey. Luong began his military career after graduating from the University of Southern California and has mostly served with the Army’s airborne units, including the 82nd Airborne Division in North Carolina and the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Italy.

Getting Your South Asian On: Washington Masala

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thought this might be some interesting news for anyone in the area looking for some new reading material:

It hardly seems the time, given the economy, to start a new magazine. But Rick Khosla, an Indian entrepreneur in Virginia, is doing just that, complete with a fancy launch party in August.

Washington Masala, which is modeled after Washington Life, will cater to educated, affluent South Asians in the area. "It's a very niche market," Khosla said recently at a Starbucks in Capitol Hill with galleys of the 96-page first issue. "That market has always been overlooked." A lot of the $100,000 for the first issue came from Khosla's pocket. But he believes the magazine will become self-sustaining within three months.

Across the country, thousands of newspapers, magazines, and television and radio stations are aimed at certain immigrant groups. Many are in languages besides English, and they deal with events in the homeland and acculturation issues that mainstream media do not address.

A poll in the spring by San Francisco-based New America Media shows that despite the poor economy, consumption of ethnic media is growing. About 150 outlets are in the Washington region. "In some ways, it is both the best of times and the worst of times," said Sandip Roy. He is an editor at New American Media, an association representing 2,000 ethnic news organizations. "They are definitely not immune to the pressure on media going on all over the place ... but in terms of audience, the interest has never been higher." Khosla's magazine will include news about Bollywood, profiles of successful local South Asians and tips on getting into local universities.

More Sex More Seattle (17)

Monday, July 27, 2009

That's right people - it's never too early to get on out and mark your calendars for great sex - in Seattle:

SIS Productions is excited to present the premiere of Sex in Seattle 17: Coming Clean running September 18-October 17, 2009 playing Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and 10pm. All performances will be at Richard Hugo House located at 1634 11th Avenue (11th Avenue, off of Pine Street) on Seattle's Capitol Hill. Tickets for the 8pm shows are $14 for general admission, $10 for students/seniors/actors. Tickets for the 10pm shows are $10 for general admission, $6 for students/seniors/actors. Group rates are also available. Please call (206) 323-9443 or email for reservations and information or see our website at

Advance tickets may be purchased at Brown Paper Tickets ~ call 1-800-838-3006 or go to their website at
Check more out here.

Health Care Reform And Us

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Caught this article on Obama's Health Care Reform and what some API groups are pushing for - while you might know some of the stats, it'll be interesting to see how these will be addressed:

California State Assemblyman Mike Eng said: "Given the Asian and Pacific Islander community's ethnic and socioeconomic diversity, understanding the unique needs of each community is essential to developing a health reform that will meet those needs." Eng commissioned a report by a team of researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles to uncover the disparities.

Key findings of the report show that Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (AANHIs) are the only racial group for whom the leading cause of death is cancer, with higher rates among Asian Americans (27.7 percent) and Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (25.4 percent) than for White (23.3 percent), Latino (20.4 percent), Black (22.4 percent) and American Indian and Alaska Native (20.3 percent) populations in California in 2004 [...]

AANHPIs in California are as susceptible, and for some groups more susceptible, to being uninsured. Koreans, Vietnamese and Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders all have uninsured rates that are higher than the state average, according to the report.

Read it in full here.

Bloomsbury Publishing: We'd Rather Put A White Girl On The Cover (Even Though The Story Is About Someone Who's Black)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Update: Apparently I can't spell...what's new!

If this ever happened to me (which it won't because I'll never write a book) I'd just go hang out in the most public place possible, back up my car (maybe through a window) turn on the radio as loud as I could, and get out completely naked shocking little kids and old ladies everywhere.

And then I'd start yelling at the top of my lungs how I hate America.

Because then it would get buried for sure.

YA author Justine Larbalestier has gone public with her disappointment over her US publisher Bloomsbury's cover art for her forthcoming novel Liar. Specifically, Justine is upset that the cover shows a white girl, and the book is about a black girl. She took this up strenuously with her publisher but was overruled [...]

Every year at every publishing house, intentionally and unintentionally, there are white-washed covers. Since I've told publishing friends how upset I am with my Liar cover, I have been hearing anecdotes from every single house about how hard it is to push through covers with people of colour on them [...]

The notion that "black books" don't sell is pervasive at every level of publishing.
If you're so inclined:

Bloomsbury Publishing
Distributed by Macmillan
175 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010


F: (212) 780-0115 or (212) 982-2837

That's A Big Pile Of Shit: Golden Blade III

Friday, July 24, 2009

I have absolutely no idea how incredible crap ass films like this make their way around film festivals much less receive awards - any awards - and while a little older film (that you might have already heard about), apparently it's making the rounds this year.

While you should already be able to see from the "film" poster how incredibly fucking incompetent this is (and no I didn't see it and I don't need too) - here's the trailer just in case you wanted to see more.

Get a fucking clue Magnetic Media.


Feel free to drop these dumbasses a line at

Note To Self

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Please don't eat while typing because apparently you hit the wrong keys and post something called "Sshamasdlkm129admlkasmd" - or something like that.


Don't wear those pants where the zipper falls down anymore no matter how comfortable they are because not only is the zipper completely shot and your hanging free, but you have a hole in the pocket too and while you haven't actually lost anything yet, you will.

Call For Entries: 2010 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I can't remember if I posted up on this already - but if I did - no harm in posting it again!


The San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival accepts films and videos that are made by or about Asian Americans and Asians of any nationality. All lengths and genres will be considered.


Your signed entry form, entry fee, screener and press kit must be postmarked by one of these two dates:

* Early Deadline - Friday, September 4, 2009
* Late Deadline - Friday, October 2, 2009
* Extended deadline - Friday, October 9, 2009

Exhibition Formats

Eligible formats for exhibition at the SFIAAFF are: 35mm, 16mm, Digital Betacam, and Betacam SP video (NTSC only). No PAL tapes will be accepted. HDCAM available for feature-length presentations on a case-by-case basis.
For the full submission guidelines, faqs, and to actually submit online, go to the CAAM site.

MV: BoA's Getting Energetic

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Check out BoA's latest video for her second single "Energetic" (from where they also have a new interview out with her by David Yi).

Get Your K Date On

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Saw this down at the Hyphen Blog and it just made me laugh so I'm reposting it up here:

Come on down for a night of Korean-style matchmaking and comedy. In the Korean practice of "booking", nightclub waiters play matchmakers by dragging strangers to different tables for impromptu meet-and-greets. After having a drink together, the paired couple can decide to stick together or go their separate ways. Local comedians will also do attempt hook-ups, adding a running commentary to liven things up.

Produced and hosted by ImaginAsian and E! Entertainment comedienne Helen Hong. 9:30 pm (pre-show happy hour starts at 8 pm) Comix353 West 14th St, New York
$ 20 day of / $ 15 advance tickets here

Wazzup CBS!

As Far As Apologies Go I Guess It's O.K.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If you haven't heard already about this, now you have (or will, once you actually read the rest of the post).

A few days ago on July 17th - in a really really quiet session - the California state legislature approved a bill to apologize to Chinese Asian Americans in the state for all the racist bullshit laws they enacted:

The laws, some of which were not repealed until the 1940s, barred Chinese from owning land or property, marrying whites, working in the public sector and testifying against whites in court. The new bill also recognizes the contributions Chinese immigrants have made to the state, particularly their work on the Transcontinental Railroad [...]

The apology is the latest in a wave of official acts of remorse around the globe. In 2006, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a similar apology, expressing regret to Chinese Canadians for unequal taxes imposed on them in the late 19th century. Last February, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologized to his country's Aborigines for racist laws of the past, including the forced separation of children from their parents. Five months later, the U.S. Congress formally apologized to black Americans for slavery and the later Jim Crow laws, which were not repealed until the 1960s. And most notably, in 1988 the U.S. government decided to pay $20,000 to each of the surviving 120,000 Japanese Americans imprisoned in camps during World War II. Says Donald Tamaki, a San Francisco–based attorney who helped overturn wrongful WWII-era convictions of Japanese Americans: "Part of what a humane society does is recognize past injustices and address them."

The California resolution moved quickly through the state legislature since it was first introduced in February. "It's symbolic to recognize that the state made mistakes," says assembly member Paul Fong, who co-sponsored the legislation with assembly member Kevin de Leon. "These laws reverberate to this date because racism still exists."
And it's about time don't you think?

But I still need to say this

An apology is great, but if you wouldn't have fucked it up in the first place there really wouldn't be a need for an apology now would there? So as a state I wouldn't be patting myself on the back about how great I am you know what I mean?

And while you can apologize all you want - for as many legislative sessions as you want - how about stopping the racist bullshit against my people from attending the college of their choice because there might be too many of us "changing the complexion" of the white campus.

Again, the apology is great and definite props to assembly member Paul Fong for getting this through, but while you as a state are apologizing - we're still getting fucked - treated like the second class citizens you kinda still think we are.

Maybe you can do something about that so you don't have to give another apology 50 years from now.

Hmong Sports Fest

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's up Wausau! This one's for you (but you probably already know about it anyway - but just in case - this is for you!)

"These Hmong sports tournaments are becoming a huge part of what it means to be a Hmong-American," said Noah Her, 24, of Wausau. "You pick up chicks, meet with friends, shop at different stores and vendors. A lot of it has roots way back in Thailand, where we come from. It's just a sense of community and bringing the community together again." The Wausau tournament is small by national standards. Tens of thousands of athletes, including Her, competed in a tournament over the July 4 weekend in St. Paul, Minn.But it's growing.

"When I started, it was slow," said Moua, 35. "I guess it has grown about 30 percent." There's a low-key, backyard/street vibe to the tournament, but the competition is serious. Moua said first-place teams can take home as much as $2,000. "I have some friends who play volleyball every night, training," Her said. "I have friends who have ruined their shoulders from spiking the ball."

The best athletes become national stars in the Hmong community, he said.
And there you have it. Picking up dudes and babes and your own chance at becoming a national Hmong star.



I have no idea why I decided to use all these exclamation points in this post.

Long Nguyen And Shoebox Letters

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

While some of you might already be familiar with Long Nguyen, I hadn't heard his music before, but after checking out his MySpace page, putting on the headphones and listening to a few of his tracks - all I have to say is that Long Nguyen has a smooth MF vibe and if you haven't heard his music before - definitely give it a spin.

Here's a few dates he'll be playing live (including his CD Release Party):

Jul 31 2009 8:30P El Cid Los Angeles, California
Aug 18 2009 8:00P Genghis Cohen Los Angeles, California

Check out more down at

See AAIFF, See Taiyo Na

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Got this sent out from Taiyo Na and wanted to post it on up for all the folks kicking on down to AAIFF (or thinking about it just in case you needed another reason to get on out):

I just want to let people know about the 2 films I'll be presenting this Sunday, July 26th at the 32nd Annual Asian American international Film Festival. The films I will be presenting are Manilatown is in the Heart which will be preceded by A Song for Ourselves. I'll be moderating the Q&A after the screening, as well.

These 2 poignant films honor 2 incredible people. The first pays tribute to the late Al Robles, a poet whose warm and magnificent spirit has touched my life personally, and the second is an homage to the late Chris Iijima, a musician/teacher whose songs held a beauty and humanity I constantly look to for inspiration and guidance.
Taiyo is also going to be performing on down at the following events

Jul 24 2009 1:00 AM NYC, NY Rockwood Music Hall
Jul 25 2009 8:00 PM New York, NY International Action Center
Aug 4 2009 8:00 PM Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Borough Hall
Aug 6 2009 8:00 PM New York, NY Circle Nightclub

Thanks Taiyo!

Quick Follow-Up: Kenny 'Kenji" Gallo

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Got an e-mail from Kenny "Kenji" Gallo after I put up that post a couple days ago and thought I would re-post up what he sent on over (with his permission of course - because I don't want to end up six feet under with Hoffa):


My name is Kenny 'Kenji" Gallo. I was sent a link to your blog. To answer your question. People do change if they really want to make the effort. Some people are unable to change because of a mental disease.

I made the choice to become a Gangster when I was young because I was always looking for something exciting. I did not grow up in a poor area. I went to University High school in Irvine. It was my choice. I was in the life for almost 20 years. I spent from the age of 13 until I was 35 years old, locked up, out on bond, probation or on parole. I just came to a point in my life that I was over it. The life was a grind.

So I changed. I walked away and I have never felt like going back. I have regrets about some of the things I did in my life. Other things were just part of the life. Today I live a great life and if I can help others I will.

Josh Tsui + Tony Hawk = Goodness

Monday, July 20, 2009

Leave it to us (which would actually be Josh Tsui, President of Robomodo, and of Mortal Kombat fame) to be working on what could be one of the coolest video games this year in Tony Hawk: Ride due out in October (which you might have already known) - although I have to admit - while it probably doesn't matter as much as ensuring the dual accelerometers work on the board - I'm definitely a fan of the sleek black look, so the recent news that the final board is going to be all white, makes me hope that between now and then, they decide to make it available in both (or switch back).

And just think about the footprints...

Ed Moy, Top Young Asian American Leading Men, And Who Will Play Kato?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I caught this article by Ed Moy on who he thinks is the top talent who could be in line to play Kato now that Stephen Show has dropped out of The Green Hornet and it's a pretty interesting list as far as who he excludes, who he doesn't, and definitely worth the read (and I think Justin Chon, Aaroon Yoo or Will Yun Lee would be a few of the best choices too).

Swing your mouse over here to read it in full.

Nut Kicking Spaz Fu

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Say what you will, but I can't really help but laugh as Spaz Fu keeps on kicking this guys ass.

It's just funny like that.

Annihilate Your Jiggly Flap-Jacks

Sunday, July 19, 2009

From the Notorious MSG site:

It's time to make-a-noisy!

The Notorious MSG is returning to the stage to crush your fleshy-teabags and to annihilate your jiggly flap-jacks! Hear some new songs from their upcoming EP!
This not-to-be-missed set will leave you clutching your posterior as the MSG's sonic missiles detonate deep within the cushiony walls of your flabby ass.

Pre-order your tickets online here:

Also be ready for the ferociously-rockin' antics of our hair-metal bruthas-in-crime Satanicide at 11pm! Hot-diggity-damn!

See you there!

When: Saturday, July 25th
Where: Bowery Ballroom, NYC6 Delancey St. (Between Bowery & Chrystie st)
Tix: $12 pre-sale $15 day of the show
Ages: 18+

Random PV: Upstarts, Joachim, And Ha

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thing That Irks Me - About Me

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I don't know when I'll learn, but sometimes when I'm at the store, I accidentally pick up Gatorade Tropical-Mango instead of my favorite which is plain Orange and while I realize this is completely my fault, I can't help but think I need to write a letter to Gatorade asking them to better identify their bottles, so when I'm racing through the store, Orange is easier to pick out so I don't accidentally get Tropical-Mango.

I don't mind Tropical-Mango, but there's nothing really worse than coming home, opening up a bottle of thirst quenching Gatorade and then taking that first swig and going "Awww man...I got Tropical-Mango by mistake? Again?"

But if that's the worst thing going on in my day - not too bad really.

Just Another Reason Showing Why Pat Buchanan Is A Racist Dumbass

Sunday, July 19, 2009

If you don't feel like watching all of this, Bat Buchanan basically says this:

  • We should give everyone a chance.
  • But White males are really the best for the job.
  • White Males need a leg up.
  • White people founded this country and were the only ones who died in WWII therefore this nation should be run by White People.
From the Klan to Pat Buchanan to all of us.

Now my day is complete.

Eco-Heroine: Allison Chin

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Even though I'm not really what you'd call an environmentalist (as long as there are enough trees so I can breath I'm good and I think we should try shooting our toxic waste into space just to see what happens - because it just might work out) I do still see the merits of green technology and all that other (and I'm pretty proud of myself for not throwing trash out my car window anymore).

So for all of my eco-friendly, environmentalists - here's a nice post from Pacific Ties with some links to Allison Chin who's the current President of the Sierra Club.

Ellie Meets Talent

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here's the description.

Seoulbeats introduces our new show “EMT,” aka Ellie Meets Talent where Ellie exposes the best Asian American talents to you across the nation. Only until recently have you seen Asian Americans popping up on Youtube, sitcoms, dramas, and dance shows and tt’s time that we give you the insight into how these talents were born and how they plan to spread Asian American love around the world. So let Seoulbeats & Ellie show you the best Asian artists that America has to offer. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and rejoice in Ellie’s new journey into discovering Asian American Talent.

Budget Cuts + Asian American History

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saw this down at the AAA-Fund blog and wanted to repost some of it up here:

In the realm of ethnic studies and our community history, have the budget cuts are becoming an excuse to ignore/deprive our community of its history?
As if these resources didn’t have it hard enough, the UC budget cuts are causing “concern” over at University of California, Irvine, as its Southeast Asian Archive couldn’t replace its full-time librarian, as the Los Angeles Times reports.

“The university did not replace the full-time librarian when she retired; Anne Frank spent decades collecting materials from refugee communities. Instead, UC Irvine installed a research librarian who divides her time overseeing the research needs of other departments.“
Read in full here.

Getting Your Answers Filled

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sitting down for the weekend and caught blogger SK doing the answer portion to her new Q&A down at The Antisocial Ladder - check it out if you get the chance as it's pretty fun and if you want to get you're swagger on, you'll like the DOA clip.

Kick it.

Asian + Aha + Moments

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm not sure if these would actually make me buy insurance from Mutual of Omaha - but it sure doesn't hurt - and it's nice to see them featuring out some Asian American faces in the aha moment campaign.

Click the links to see the videos and the full text.

Helen And Mom

I’m the first generation here, so I rebelled a lot during my adolescent years. Growing up, my mother and I used to fight a lot.

We started to get along a little better after I moved out. But at age 21, I had to move back in, and we fought harder than ever.

One day we fought so hard, we both broke down and didn’t have the energy to fight any more. We were so exhausted. It was tearful and painful. During the crying, during the tearful apologies and venting, that’s when it clicked. We finally listened to each other instead of defending ourselves.

Finding My Way

The reason I moved here from the Philippines was I had been seeing an American guy who wanted me to move back here with him. I thought, ‘Well It’s a good opportunity.’ And I was in love and all that.

I was completely unprepared for life here. It’s just very different. I didn’t know how to use a dishwasher. I foamed up my entire kitchen the first time I tried. Eventually it didn’t work out with the guy. I had my heart completely broken and I was at a loss for what to do.

I could have gone home, but the aha moment was that I was sitting there one day and I said, ‘So, what am I going to do? Should I admit defeat and go back home? Or should I make the most of it and try and find my way here?

Indonesia: Hotel Bombings Leave 9 Dead

Friday, July 17, 2009

Some bad news coming out of Jakarta with simultaneous bombings at two hotels leaving nine dead and at least forty-two wounded.

Minister: 9 dead in Jakarta hotel blasts (The Jakarta Post)

Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs Widodo AS says nine people have been killed and at least 42 injured in two powerful blasts that hit two luxury hotels in Mega Kuningan business area in downtown Jakarta. Widodo told reporters that six of the victims were killed at the Marriot hotel, two others at the Ritz-Carlton hotel and one died in hospital.
Deadly Twin Bombings Hit Jakarta Hotels (VOA News)

The two blasts occurred within minutes of each other. Security Minister Widodo Adi Sucipto said the explosions were caused by "high explosives."

The bombs were planted near the restaurant of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and in the basement of the Marriott. The windows of the Ritz-Carlton restaurant were blown out, with debris and shattered glass littering the street.
Indonesia hotel bombings leave 9 dead (LA Times)

Nine people were killed and about 50 were wounded in nearly simultaneous bombings at the JW Marriott and the Ritz-Carlton hotels in central Jakarta today, Indonesian police said. Jakarta police spokesman Chrysnanda Dwilaksana said all the deaths occurred at the Marriott, which was badly damaged in 2003 by a car bombing that killed 12 people. There have not been any major bombings in Indonesia for several years, and this month's presidential election went smoothly, underscoring the progress made by the world's most populous Muslim nation since the chaos and violence that surrounded the downfall of ex-autocrat Suharto in the late 1990s. Witnesses told Indonesian Metro TV that the injured were seen being taken away in ambulances. "Some windows of the Ritz-Carlton building have been shattered, mostly on the lower section. I'm looking at it from my office," said Myra Junor, who works nearby.
Deadly explosions hit Jakarta hotels

One explosion hit the Ritz-Carlton, ripping off its facade, and the other the Marriott Hotel. At least 48 people were injured.No group has yet claimed responsibility for the blasts. Newly re-elected President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has visited the scene of the explosions.

The BBC's Karishma Vaswani in Jakarta says security is extremely tight around the two hotels, with ambulances streaming in every few minutes [...] There were reports of a third explosion in northern Jakarta a few hours later but it was not immediately clear what the cause was. The Manchester United football team was due to arrive in Indonesia on Saturday and was booked to stay at the Ritz-Carlton. The blasts may raise doubts about the team's tour, PA news agency reported. The first two blasts, in Jakarta's central business district, occurred at about 0730 (0030 GMT). Police said another, unexploded, bomb had also been found at the JW Marriott.

Obama At The NAACP

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kupono Aweau Gets Cut From SYTYCD

Friday, July 17, 2009

I guess it was good while it lasted:

Randi and Kupono were ousted based on home viewer votes cast immediately following Wednesday night's performance episode, in which each finalist performed a couple routine, a solo and a group number.

"Dancing to me is like breathing," said Kupono in a video montage that proceeded his ouster. "I just found a new sense of me. It's taken me beyond where I thought I could go, and I'm just grateful for it all. I'm totally grateful for this."
Good to see you while we could.

Neglected Keystrokes

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Fever, August 6th, And Lots Of Drama Goodness

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just a word to all you drama fans, Drama Fever is opening up with a full public launch next month (August 6th) - from an e-mail blast:

...We are also super busy getting DramaFever ready to launch on August 6th! Yes, it's finally going to happen! This means a lot more dramas, and of course, a launch party in NYC to which you're all invited to. We'll post full details about it on our blog on Monday.

The Kenji Of The Gallo

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I always find stories of redemption interesting on a lot of different fronts: Can people really change? Does redemption mean anything if you've committed unspeakable acts? Is it for real (both the lows, the highs, and the turnaround)? Will people accept the new them? If I put it all in perspective, what does it say about my life?

I don't know the answers to to any of these question when speaking of Kenny "Kenji" Gallo" - but it is an interesting read:

Hello, my name is Kenny Gallo, aka. Kenji, and I am what most people would call a very bad person. As a criminal, I committed sins for which no punishment could ever suffice and no penance could ever atone. If an enemy from years ago were to kill me, it would be the just desserts of the life I lived for two decades. After the crimes I've committed, it would be a lie to say that I don't deserve the ultimate punishment.

There's a reason I'm telling my story on DailyKos, however. Over the past decade, I've transformed myself from a car-bombing drug smuggler and mafioso into a committed father, law-abiding white-collar professional, and a gay rights activist.

I am offering my story in the hope that it will give inspiration to anyone who fears that it is impossible for bad people to turn good and redeem thmselves. If Kenji Gallo can turn his life around, then anyone can.

Continue with my story to learn how I went to life within Pablo Escobar's Medellin Cartel and the American Mafia to a Daily Kos poster agitating for universal tolerance.
Read it in full at the Daily Kos.

Get Your 30 Second Trailer On: The Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival Wants You!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

If you don't have a feature length film in you - don't despair - now's the time to put that ADD to good use:

The 2nd Annual Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (PAAFF) is looking for filmmakers (Asian & non-Asian) of all levels to participate in the PAAFF trailer contest, which runs until September 6th, 2009.

Trailer Guidelines

The trailer must:

1) Be exactly 30 seconds.
2) Include all original footage and music, absolutely no copyrighted work accepted and will be disqualified.
3) Promote the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival in an original and creative way.
4) End with this downloadable PAAFF still for the final 5 seconds.
5) Be uploaded to our Youtube group and tagged with “Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival” and “PAAFF.”
6) Notify us by sending an email to Ron with a link to your youtube video.
7) It’s completely free to enter!

Judges include director Todd Angkasuwan (music videos for Snoop Dogg, Far East Movement & many more), producer Philip Lam (Santa Mesa & Undoing) and Cliff Song, representing sponsor HBO.


The Grand Prize winner will receive a cash prize* and a pair of All Access Passes to PAAFF and the winning entry will be screened during the film festival and on this website. Finalists will receive a pair of All Access Passes to the festival.
Go the PAAFF site for the fine print.