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Monday, April 26, 2010

From around the way.

35 Years Since Khmer Rouge Takeover

April 17th, 1975 saw the end of a civil war in Cambodia between the Lon Nol Republic and a communist movement, the Khmer Rouge. What began was a massive social experiment to return Cambodia to an idyllic agrarian society. Resetting the clock to ‘year zero’, the regime led by Pol Pot set out to correct years of corruption by Western vices, first during the French colonial period and then with the increasing US presence during the Indochina wars
mickey rourke... as genghis khan?!

So Mickey Rourke is on a bit of a comeback streak, with his award-winning turn in The Wrestler and his upcoming appearance as the villain Whiplash in Iron Man 2. Hooray for him. He's hot again. But are you ready to see him play Genghis Khan? Yeah. Genghis friggin' Khan.
DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! Professor Kenneth “Big Baby Kenny” Ng And His Thai Hooker Website

Up until today, Cal State-Northridge Economics professor Kenneth Ng had a website. Not just any website, mind you, but a Thai sex-tourism one called “Big Baby Kenny” that took you through the, ahem, ins-and-outs of the “Thailand Girl Scene” and promised “No Hidden Agenda, No Censorship, No Bullshit.” [By "Girl" he means "Hooker."--BULLSHIT RED FLAG #1]
Discussion: Invisible Minority

I need to bring this up. Tired of my issues being swept under the rug. Tired of not being the “apparent minority.” Tired of exclusion in the activist community. Tired of being labeled as a women of color but being treated as otherwise. Tired of judgment. Tired of censorship of Native issues in the mainstream news. Tired of being Invisibly Native. I have noticed that in the blogosphere that other women of color blogs outshine Native ones. You don’t hear about Native issues in the news. You don’t read about Native issues. You may have never even met a Native person.
Peter Chao Makes A Movie

Yo, Chao, love you, man. As Bruce Lee once said in Enter The Dragon -- and I know his influence rubs off on you in some of your videos -- "You have offended me and you have offended the Shaolin temple!"You should really stick to vlogging. Just sayin'.
Five Things Asian Americans Can Get Away With That White People Can’t

Being Asian in America means you have to occasionally (or depending on where you live, not so occasionally) deal with some pretty racist shit. But there are also things Asian Americans can do with more ease and success than our white counterparts. Here are five of them...