Ken Jeong + Furry Vengeance + Licking Lilly In Confined Spaces

Monday, April 26, 2010

So if you get offended by what Jeong says about being Asian and shorter in the same sentence does that mean you have no sense of humor (see inferiority complex you little short people), or are you just tired of hearing those two words in the same sentence because "short" somehow is code for not as good, and when put together with "Asian man", just doesn't always sit well because in comparison to most other male imagery in the U.S. we're not the one's that are seen the most, or even as equal?


Some people would call me short at 5'5/5'6 (and who knows, maybe that 5'6 is really with my boots on) but I just consider myself lucky that I can get to the money that people drop on the floor that much quicker (because that shit doesn't fall on ceilings people).

At the same time - and probably more importantly - I can lick a lot a lilly in small confined spaces.


6'5 can't do that.

6'5 peters out after 10 licks a suck and a swirl and maybe ten miles into the road trip.

But 5'6?

We pack a lunch and stay for the day because that's just the way we're built.

* Here's to hoping that the giraffes at least do something for global warming by blowing real hard in the sky.