A Quick Note To The Gods Of Glee

Friday, April 30, 2010

Dear GOG:

I'm going to make this short (because I have to pee), but I just wanted to say that since you've opened the door for Tina who was apparently lying about her stuttering problem to have some substantial speaking parts - I'm hoping you actually allow her to step on through said door and well - you know - have some substantial speaking parts.

Maybe even a whole episode where she's actually a part of the storyline and not just relegated to being a backup singer.


I really did like that last episode though because I'm a sucker for Kristin Chenowet and some Burt Bacharach which I know might run contrary to what I'm saying above - but good music is good music - and well - I'm kind of a sucker for show tunes - but could you imagine what that would have been like instead with Jenna Ushkowitz and Harry Shum Jr. doing some old school split screen Singing In The Rain shit?

Yeah. That would be my favorite episode.