MTV Iggy, Far East Movement, Jennifer Chung, Voting For The 25 Best New Bands In The World, And Then Some

Monday, April 26, 2010

And you think your vote doesn't matter. Think again.

The FAR EAST MOVEMENT has made it on MTV IGGY’s list of what they think are the “25 BEST NEW BANDS IN THE WORLD” amongst a list of awesome bands. They are giving the fans of each artist a chance to vote, and the band with the most votes will win an MTV IGGY take-over of the home page for a weekend and an instudio taping at the New York MTV Studio.

International Secret Agents around the world, FM needs your vote…

Here is the link to vote:
(voting poll is located at the bottom below all the artists)
But who else might you know on that list?


Jennifer Chung.

Born in Korea but raised around San Francisco, Jennifer Chung practically breathes music. At 9, she bought Britney Spears' first album and began singing along by reading the lyrics. She sang at school concerts and various tournaments, winning prizes and accolades, but didn't expect more wide-scale recognition or fame. Flash forward to 2007. Jennifer started posting videos of herself casually singing on YouTube as a way to keep in touch with old friends. Suddenly, her soulful sound went viral, and her videos – shot on a web cam from her college dorm room – reached over a million hits. Her rendition of Alicia Key's "No One" passed the 5 million marker. As of now, she's one of YouTube's Most Subscribed (All Time) Musicians, but incredibly, hasn’t yet been signed by a record label.
Get FM some more notoriety, or help get a girl a date with a record label.

The choice is yours.