Filipino American Arts Festival 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Filipino American Arts Festival 2010
April 29 – 30


29 April 2010
Beauty, the Beast

Followed by Q&A

7:00PM :: Wisconsin Historical Society

Beauty, The Beast: A Dance-Theater Production is a collaboration between drum & body, voice & spirit, crying & calling. Expressed is the story of a woman desperately trying to hold her appearance together while harboring within, a spirit which is destroyed. Originally staged for a 10-person ensemble, Brooks taps into her African & Filipino heritages to sing, dance and explore issues of domestic violence, drug abuse, bi-raciality and mental illness, during a quest for self-acceptance and inner peace. She coins this production as her unabashedly honest “Breathing Self-Portrait”.

30 April 2010

Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines: War on Terror, Assassinations & Extra-judicial Killings

A talk by Dr. Alfred McCoy

2:30PM :: MSC Lounge, Red Gym

5:00pm :: Learn to cook delicious dishes

7:00pm :: Filipino Fiesta with Slow Food UW

PLUS explore Filipino-Mexican cross-cultural roots through muralism with MEChA

The Crossing: 1127 University Ave :: $5 for dinner

Co-Sponsors: Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Slow Food UW, Pathways to Excellence, Multicultural Council, Wisconsin Experience Grant, MEChA, Asian American Student Union, Campus Women’s Center, aKDPhi, Chi Sigma Tau, Queer People Of Color, Wisconsin Black Student Union

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FASO is based on the spirit of bayanihan/community, kapwa/shared identity & kagandahang loob/shared humanity.