John Paul Stevens Has Left The Building: Seat Now Open For Harold Koh

Monday, April 12, 2010

Because you should know about our government's judicial branch just like you should know about the right way to touch yourself so you don't end the night early when someone bends over to take off their shoes.

And just in case you were wondering - Howard (left) and Harold (right) are indeed brothers.

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens announced his retirement Friday, setting up a long-anticipated confirmation battle during the most sensitive of political seasons. Stevens, who turns 90 on April 20, said that after 34 years on the court, it was time to step down. "It would be in the best interests of the court to have my successor appointed and confirmed well in advance of the commencement of the court's next term," he said in a letter to President Obama. Obama, who learned the news while aboard Air Force One returning from the nuclear-treaty signing in Prague, said he "will move quickly in coming weeks" to nominate a successor [...]

Alternatively, he might try to name the court's first Asian American. Although only seven Asian Americans are serving on the federal bench, Obama could search elsewhere; for instance, by tapping his top State Department lawyer, former Yale Law School dean Harold Koh.
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