You're A Mad, Small-Breasted, Filipino Woman

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last week I was thumbing through a People and caught an article about Kate Hudson getting a boob job and then this week I stumbled across A Marginally Insane World and the post "Diary of a Mad, Small-Breasted Woman":

So, two events coincided with one another this past weekend to make me feel really shitty about my body. The first was that I found out that Kate Hudson got a boob job. The second was that I attended a pool party yesterday, which made me feel like I needed to get a boob job. While Kate Hudson saddened me, the pool party maddened me, almost to the point where I was ready to rip the sky-high stripper stilettos off of one of the many female party-goers and puncture their fake, tanned boobs until every last drop of sillycone seeped out.

I think not.