SDAFF Podcasts

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just in case you wanted to know (and who wouldn't?).

Phil here,

Finally SDAFF has a podcast. Why? Because it has become an important part of how SDAFF communicates its mission to the audience. Topics for the podcast will include updates on SDAFF events, screenings, community programs, parties, and other important news and updates on Asian American cinema and culture. I am hoping that the podcast will eventually be able to be in a live chat format so that people can chime in online and also take phone calls from people asking about the SDAFF and its programs. This is an exciting time for the foundation, a time for growth and a new era in presenting San Diego and the rest of North America with a great forum in presenting Asian and Asian American content, culture, and awareness.
Enjoy the podcast, (soon available on iTunes!)

SDAFF Podcast Link