Bill Hudson, CBS, WCCO, Minneapolis and Neiggerhood?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

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Yeah - you heard me right - apparently another white guy - a white news anchor named Bill Hudson (from television station WCCO a CBS affiliate) - showing his true colors when talking about a neighborhood in Minneapolis where the majority of people living in the neighborhood are predominantly black and Hispanic.

Instead of saying the word "neighborhood" he came out with "neiggerhood".

Yeah - I know - that's just fucked up - and no - there really isn't any other phrase to use to describe how actually fucked up that is because in all reality you don't get that from a mistake - that comes from your hoard of White friends (maybe White Hooded?), and your White racism, and the little jokes Bill and his friends must have made prior to that little slip for sometime.

What? Don't believe me?

C'mon - you honestly think that just rolls off your tongue like that as a "mistake"?

Sorry - just doesn't happen like that - I know - I've met my fair share of racists in my lifetime and that comes from being - well - it comes from being a racist.

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