DVD: Hellcats/Some Like It Hot

Sunday, May 18, 2008

For some reason I couldn't get this DVD to play in one of my players and some other computers, so I let it sit for a few weeks, tried it again in a bedroom player, and next thing you know I was off and running watching the film (the Korean title is Some Like It Hot), and it turned to be a really good film with Kim Min-hee, Lee Mi-sook, and An So-hee.

Here's a quick snippet from a review down at the Koreanfilm.org:

Relationship drama Hellcats centers around three women who live together in an old neighborhood of Seoul. Ami (Kim Min-hee, below) is a 29-year old screenwriter who has been holed up in a motel trying to finish a screenplay, but like most people involved in the film industry, her career is not progressing smoothly [...]

Meanwhile Ami is getting little sympathy from her older sister Young-mi (Lee Mi-sook of Untold Scandal fame), who rents out a room to her. A successful 41-year old interior designer working on a new theatrical production, Young-mi has an active love life, and has lately gotten entangled with the much younger Gyeong-su [...]

Young-mi also has a daughter in high school named Kang-ae (An So-hee from the phenom teen pop group Wondergirls). A bright, optimistic sort of kid, Kang-ae enjoys a strong friendship with Mi-ran who grew up in Brazil, but she worries about her boyfriend of three years Ho-jae [...]
Check out the trailer