Tokoni and Mary Lou Song

Thursday, May 29, 2008

What or who is a Tokoni?

Here's what Techcrunch had to say about it:

Tokoni is essentially a community of connected blogs with a social networking slant. After creating a personal profile, members can write an unlimited number of stories. Each story (which is basically a blog post) can be tagged with keywords and placed in ‘Hubs’, which are essentially groups of related stories. Stories can include embedded images or YouTube videos, and other members are encouraged to leave comments and participate in a discussion at the bottom of each story.
Who's Mary Lou Song and what does she have to do with Tokoni?

Mary Lou Song has always been a storyteller of sorts. With a background in journalism and media, she has a nose for news along with an innate desire to spread the proverbial word. Now, she and her husband Alex Kazim are co-founders of Tokoni Inc. (, a social media company that helps people share their first-hand stories and connect through shared experiences.
She was also eBay employee #3 which should hopefully add some credability to the venture. Catch more of her bio down at The Huffington Post.