More on Asian Eyelid Surgery

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I was contacted out by Karen Zraick from NYC24 about an article they were doing and while I didn't actually do anything (nor was even quoted - something about not being able to quote people who are called "Slanty" - but I can't hold that against her) - she does give up some facts that I've talked about before - particularly this:

"Almost half of all northeast Asians are born with an eyelid fold, which has long been considered more beautiful in Asia, according to Dr. Edward Kwak. Many people feel like people who get the surgery aren’t trying to look white; they’re just trying to look like the many other Asians who have the fold."
Check out the full article down at NYC24. And you can also check out Karen's blog about the Myanmar cyclone (which is pretty in-depth) at