Democrats: Get it together

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

As things get down to the wire in selecting a Democratic candidate for the general election, even if Obama wins - which is looking more likely - what does it say if that win was made on the backs of voters who were penalized because they lived in states who held their primaries early, nullifying their votes and their delegates?

It's like that 3rd quarter basket Billups got credit for in the now dead Pistons/Orlando series which shouldn't have been counted because the ball clearly was raised after the shot clock, but because of the inept rules of the NBA, nothing could be done about it.

It was a momentum killer. It changed the game, and it changed the series, and unless you're the Pistons and Flip Saunders, who was looking to keep his job, how can you say otherwise?

It's the same with Florida and Michigan.

They counted. They did matter. Don't think so? Tell that to the people that waited in line and voted for their candidate. And unlike the NBA refs who couldn't go back to the TNT truck and check it out for themselves, the Democratic party still has the chance to rectify the situation.

It has a chance to make it a fair game.

What's bothered me most about this situation is that in the general election Florida and Michigan will count, and the fact that Clinton won these states could prove key in the general election. But because the states' delegates aren't being counted right now, people are looking past that fact - and it could come back to haunt them.

Here's to hoping the party gets it together soon, and that no matter who wins the nomination, they don't play their hand like Stern and the NBA.

P.S. - Why is it always about Florida?