Quiznos Commercial

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So I caught this down at the Chicago Sun-Times as well as down on AAM and I don't really have a problem with the woman eating the $5 bucks or not saying anything - but c'mon, do you really have to have her sitting in some laundrymat? Why not outside in a park or something?

Here's a snippet from the Sun-Times article:

That meaty assertion, however, really is the least of our concerns with Cliff Freeman's incredibly tacky approach to hyping the Quiznos promotion. The Freeman agency is notorious for never pushing propriety when there's an opportunity to gross out viewers. And the agency doesn't disappoint in "Laundromat," a 30-second spot. In it we see an Asian-American woman -- who appears to be the proprietor of a laundromat -- first eyeball and then devour a $5 bill taped to the laundromat wall.
Read more at the Chicago Sun-Times and AAM for more.