Mixed Race: Yes - even I can learn a thing or two at times

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

As great a Slant Eye as I find myself to be, at least in my own world where like Iron Chef my cuisine reigns supreme - let's face it - I still can learn a few tricks or two myself and I'm not above sharing the things I learn either.

Take for instance DiversityInc's latest "8 Things NEVER to Say to a Mixed-Race Colleague" and point #3 which is "You make beautiful babies".

While I still can't help myself thinking occasionally "Mixed-race babies are usually quite cute", and I know all babies aren't born equal, including babies of a mixed racial or cultural heritage (and you know someone who has an ugly kid) - even though I'd never say something like that inside a work setting - which should be obvious - the point about it being a catch 22 isn't really something I've thought as much about before until now for some reason.

And I can see that - the bridge, the stereotype, and how it can put someone in an awkward position no matter what type of setting.

As we celebrate mixed race or those that have passed that have helped in the cause (see posts by Disgrasian and 8Asians), probably too often we can put the weight of the world on people who are of mixed race - and like the article says - aren't we all mixed anyway?