Gov. David Patterson: Because it's about human rights

Thursday, May 29, 2008

While Gov. Patterson didn't need to do anything else except stay away from high priced hookers for the remainder of his term in order to make it a successful one, it's great to see that instead, he's actually doing something worthwhile:

Gov. David Patterson of New York has told state agencies to recognize same-sex marriages performed in states and countries where they are legal, his spokeswoman said Wednesday.

The governor's legal counsel told state agencies in a May 14 memo to revise policies and regulations to recognize same-sex marriages performed in California and Massachusetts as well as Canada and other countries that allow gays and lesbians to marry, said Erin Duggan, the governor's spokeswoman.

The memo informed state agencies that failing to recognize gay marriages would violate the New York's human rights law, Duggan said.

The directive follows a February ruling from a New York state appeals court. That decision says that legal same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions are entitled to recognition in New York.
Now I'm just wondering when everyone else is going to wake-up and realize the same thing.

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