Wing Luke Asian Museum Gets A Makeover

Monday, May 19, 2008

I posted on the renovation last year, and it's almost time for the doors to be opened. Check out the article on the newly revamped Wing Luke Asian Museum:

The new Wing Luke Asian Museum, opening May 31, doesn't just have artifacts -- it is one.

Although it has moved just one block from its former home in a one-time garage, the 42-year-old museum has undergone a complete transformation, expanding to more than eight times its previous size.

The centerpiece of the $23.2 million project is the building itself, the 1910-vintage East Kong Yick Building, financed by 170 Chinese immigrants who pooled their resources to establish a foothold and offer a place where new residents could find a room, a meal and social support.
Yeah. I'm there. See more down at their site.