Video Views And Linkage

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here are some videos that happened to catch my eye over the past few days:

Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA)
Happy APA Heritage Month

Jamie Nared 12 year-old Hoops Phenom Banned Because She's Too Damn Good

I caught this over the weekend and all I can say is - you've got be kidding me. Priceless moment was seeing Jamie's mouth drop to the floor on the Good Morning America interview.

ImaginAsian TV - Your Voice, Your Choice PSA's

Some new PSAs on YouTube from ImaginAsian TV for their "Your Voice, Your Choice" campaign with James Kyson Lee, Lynn Chen and others.

Mock Olympics Tibetan Style

I caught this video of Tibetan exiles who held their own Olympics to mock the real ones in Beijing and keep on pushing for an independent Tibet.

Kobe's Response On The Snake Jump

Definitely not as good as the Aston Martin (and I'm sure you've seen the new one already), but I thought the response was even better than the jump.