Game 4: Kevin Garnett

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


You know I dig your game, and unlike a lot of people who seem to jump on and off the bandwagon at the turn of each quarter, I'll be a fan of yours for as long as you play and hope that one day I'll see you finally get that elusive championship ring.

But while I'll let you get away with some things, like calling yourself 6 '11, I can't really let you get away with that piss-poor performance from last night because let's face it - the Pistons pretty much wanted to give that game away from about the middle of the second quarter and all you and the Celtics needed to do was take it and say "Thank You" and you could have been on your way headed back to Boston with a 3-1 lead.

Now, it's tied up again.

It's not that you shot like crap (which you did), the lack of defensive rebounds (count a whopping 7), or even the fact that you dished out only 3 assists (even though the team as a whole barely had enough dimes to get a Spicy Chicken Burrito).

No Kevin, what I need to chastise you about is that after Jason Maxiell ended up blocking your run-away dunk (and it was a clean block), you seemed to fold physically and mentally.

You didn't even try to get involved in the majority of plays.

You decided to set up camp outside the free throw line waiting for someone to bring you some marshmallows.

You just checked out.

Now I don't know much, but I do know that if you can't rebound from one play by Jason Maxiell - especially in the next Game 5 - you'll have all the time to roast up as many smores as you want while you watch Detroit move on to the Finals.

And seriously - do you really need any more sugar?