Pang Brothers: Bangkok Dangerous Remake

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've been forgetting to post on this for a bit, but the Pang Brothers will be coming out with their latest U.S. film this August with Nicholas Cage in the starring role, which is a remake of their classic film Bangkok Dangerous.

While the remake looks to veer from the original - especially seeing as how Cage actually talks in the movie, versus the original, where part of the storyline centers around the character Kong who's deaf - some things are looking familiar from the original, and I'm happy to see the Pang Brothers coming out with something new after The Messengers, and anxious to see the new spin they'll put on it; in an interview the brothers also said they knew they would have to change around some things because Cage needed some speaking parts.

It'll be interesting to see how it compares, and how the film actually plays out and I'm sure I'll have some more thoughts later on, but from the trailer - it's not looking too bad - and I think it will have people thinking again about the fact that the Pang Brothers aren't just about horror (they never really were anyway...).

Check the trailer