DVD: Lost in Beijing

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The film Lost In Beijing came out on DVD last week, and I just finished watching it a few minutes ago and it's raw emotion. It's that type of film where you feel it in your gut after the movie is done because the acting and the filming were so good you felt like you were watching real life happen before you. A life that at times you almost wanted to turn away from but couldn't because you had to know how it ended. Because you hoped things would get better before they got worse.

In that sense, I had to actually remind myself, by looking at pictures of Fan Bing-Bing in other roles and red carpet promotions, that it wasn't real.

That it was indeed just a piece of fiction.

If you're into lighter movies, this isn't the DVD for you. But if you want something visceral, something like In The Bedroom or Bad Guy (and yes, I question why I watch films like this sometimes), you'll want to check this out too.

Just remember though - you've been warned.