Is APAH month for us or for them?

Monday, May 19, 2008

So I was reading this post down at Gil Asakawa's blog about who the audience of APAH month should really be:

Then it occurred to me that the event didn’t feel satisfying to me because it was still, 10 years later, just Asians celebrating APA Heritage Month with other Asians. It’s time, I think, for this group to follow the examples of a couple of other high-profile local events, the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival and the Boulder Asian Festival, and start showing off the myriad APA communities not just to each other, but to the public at large.
And I can definitely see some of that because while APAH month should be about us, it's also about exposing great Asian/Asian American culture to the communities that haven't been exposed to it, who aren't really sure of even where to begin.

Read more from Gil here who also has a new post on “Twittering” the APIA Vote Town Hall.