Bloomberg: Just don't report on the NBA

Friday, May 30, 2008

I was doing a search on Kevin Garnett this morning to see what articles might have some extras in it (because I'd read everything from the Boston/Detroit papers and watched the post-game interviews, etc.) and one of the first pieces that popped up on Google News was an article from Bloomberg - and even though in a previous article I stumbled upon they told me the Cavs won when it was really the Celtics - I figured I'd check it out. No way they could blunder another one.

But then I read:

"Kevin Garnett, whose 13.2 points-per-game scoring average during the playoffs was more than 4 points less than his regular-season average, contributed 33 points...."

Do they write with one hand on a PDA while wiping themselves in the bathroom?

The sentence barely even makes sense for one, but Garnett is averaging 21.3 points per game in the playoffs (and 24.2 in the Detroit series, and he averaged 18.8 in the regular season).

That's an 8 point difference in the real number versus the fake Bloomberg number.