Doc Rivers, The Blame Game, and Lebron's a Mama's boy?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So I know my last post on the Celtics when I gave the blame to Doc Rivers was really more out of frustration (like a good cheap foul). But this time, I really am blaming Doc Rivers because he just couldn't adjust his matchups and he couldn't keep Rondo from shooting the shit out of the game even though they should have kept on going to Ray Allen when he was hot as hell.

I'd go into more detail - X's and O's and all that other good stuff - but really - just watch the game again, you'll see what I mean.

The most interesting part of that loss though, was seeing Lebron's mom come to his defense after a hard a foul and Lebron screaming at her to sit her ass on down - which I'm hoping the Boston Celtic fans have a fun time with.

Sure - the dunk on KG was nice, but having his mom come to his defense in an NBA game? That shit's classic.

And yeah - I know - this post isn't that coherent - or even that interesting - but I felt like making a post where I really can't decipher even what I'm saying.

I'm chalking it up to APAH month, because I'm Asian and I can do that.