Brittany Murphy, Sohee Park & Ramen Girl

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm going on record right now and saying that I'm completely 50/50 on this movie and you can feel free to chastise me all you want for this post.

As far as films go

While the movie hasn't played in U.S. theaters, it is coming out on DVD in May, and I'll be the first to admit that while it had its moments, it's not an Oscar winner, so if you end up seeing this movie just remember that.

It's fluffy - sometimes beyond fluffy - not all the scenes fit, and occasionally - there's some bad acting in there.

But I have seen worse.

And speaking of worse

There's one line in particular in the film spoken from the mouth of a British character who only shows up three times in the whole movie who basically goes on the gay or Asian theme for one line and while I can't be sure if it was actually a poke at the British (for making the joke) - it's old, it's tired, why even have it?

But I didn't mind that

While I halfway expected to see a cross between Wax On Wax Off and I'm White So I Win - because of the trailer (which makes it actually look worse then it is) - it didn't really have that feel to it for the most part.

And by most part I specifically mean one of the ending scenes where Brittany Murphy gets hoisted up and everyone starts chanting her name.

And yes

I did think to myself that it would have been nice to see a female Asian American in that role as well where you still had the same storyline but she was Asian from America.

The real reason I'm actually posting on this

We all know I'm a sucker for love stories and the romance/comedy/drama, so much in fact that it probably impedes my judgement at times - but the best part of the film - and the acting - really was the love story between Brittany Murphy and Sohee Park (who played Toshi).

And sure, while the AM/WF image isn't the end all be all in imagery you can't really deny that we just don't see it a lot in film, so when a non-Asian Hollywood star is in a movie where she's in love with an Asian guy where we actually see them kiss on screen multiple times and get it on (unlike a Jet Li and Aliyah) - I'm all for that - and I can't really think of a non-Asian female Hollywood star as of late who's decided to be in a movie where the whole romance revolves around her and an Asian guy and it's not just a peripheral storyline which the film dedicates only about five minutes too.

In that way, I think there's definitely something to be said for it and there's a small hope that maybe some producer sees it and is like "That romance completely worked. Asian guys can be the love interest or romantic lead in a mainstream U.S. film with women of any color" down the line.

I know it's not a perfect movie - but in that way - I'll take it for what it is.

Random screen shots

And here are some screen shots from the film.