Strangers Like To Beat Us Down?

Friday, March 27, 2009

I caught this article talking about race and violent crimes from a 2006 study from the Justice Department and if it does hold true and the trend has continued, it means that out of all the racial groups out there, we're apparently more likely to be the target of violent crimes by strangers than any other group - about 20% higher than anyone who isn't Asian - and while the article doesn't provide any reasons why this might be happening, I think people are just jealous that we're such a good looking people, and when they realize they'll never have that cool Asian vibe like us they just kind of go batshit.

Or they still have issues with Yoko and want to take it out on someone, but beating down an Asian person isn't going to help because Yoko's still going to be there (and I really do think she's an alien from another planet sent here to mock me).

All of this though doesn't mean you shouldn't meet new people and talk with strangers - but it is probably better to be on the safe side and not take lollipops from someone who looks like Rush Limbaugh.

Because he'll eat you.