The USA BoA Release: Get It Now, Misc. Information, Hot Tracks

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You've seen the videos. You saw the concerts. You heard the previews.

Now you can finally get it.

The CD

Right now at the time of this post (which is early Tueday morning), the US release BoA is currently #20 on Amazon's Bestsellers in Music as well as #11 and #19 in the Rock and Pop categories.

Definitely a good showing.

iTunes, Get It Digitally, Don't Ask Me Why

If you want to download it digitally from either iTunes or Amazon, you can get your fix now - but not all of it. On iTunes the album is listed as "Partial" missing the tracks "Did Ya" and "I Did It For Love ft. Sean Garret". Down at Amazon those two tracks are listed as "Album Only".

I have no idea why they did it because the tracks have already been leaked all over the net.

Hot Tracks

The whole album is pretty damn hot, and there's definitely something for everyone on the disc (which is completely club certifiable), but here are a few of the tracks that particularly stood out for me: Hypnotic Dancefloor, I Did It For Love, Touched, Girls On Top (EV), and Energetic.