Win A Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass From The Slants

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Got this sent out and wanted to post it on up:

Portland, Oregon-based Asian outfit The Slants - Simon Young (bass), Aron (vocals), Gaijin (keyboards), Johnny (guitar), and Tyler Chen (drums) ­ have teamed up with Squier Guitar, by Fender. As well as Shonen Jump, Shojo Beat Magazine, and one of the largest anime conventions in the country, Sakuracon, to offer fans a chance to win a limited edition Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass customized by The Slants' founder and bassist, Simon Young.

The bass features artwork from the band's debut album, "Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts", as well as some detail work by Simon Young, which mirrors the custom Fender Jaguar basses that he uses himself. The bass is one of a kind and will be crafted in Fender's custom shop.

"I've had a lot of people been interested in my basses," says Young, "but there's never been a chance to get anything like them until now."

No purchase is necessary to enter. Fans must simply fill out the entry form, available at

Contest rules and regulations are available at the site. Fans may enter until April 12, 2009, when The Slants will give away the bass on stage during their concert at Sakuracon; runner up prizes are being graciously donated by Shonen Jump, Shojo Beat Magazine, and Fender.

The Slants are currently riding high on the emerging popularity of their debut full-length, "Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts", an album full of new wave, synth, pop, and danceable rock, all with an Asian flavor. The album has catchy hooks, smooth harmonies, and anthemic choruses - everything that a solid record should have. And it has been catching the support of a new breed of fans: anime watching, video game playing, manga reading kids who are in love with the band's sound and show presence.

Due to popular demand, The Slants are returning to Sakuracon 2009. In addition to The Slants, this year's musical guests will include Girugamesh, Smile DK, and Hagry and Anrgy.

The Slants have an extensive tour schedule throughout 2009 already on the books. Look for them at a club or anime convention near you.