Tammy And Victor Take First Place And Thoughts On The Amazing Race Episode 6

Monday, March 23, 2009

Was it just me or were Tammy and Victor one of the only teams that didn't shout at their cab drivers like they were pieces of meat in this episode while at the same time seeming to be (at least from the edits) one of the few teams that didn't look down at the people or the culture?

If you compared their outlooks on the people and where they were to the team of Cara and Jaime you got two totally different views. One was about seeing the beauty of where they were, the pride in the people, even how great it was to see the animals just chilling out doing what they do (versus say being a zoo where they just get stared at).

The other was about how sad it was, almost how in a way there was no beauty whatsoever in the place or the people - and I'm not denying that they didn't see poverty - but we have it here too - and I can't help but think of the mindset - even if unspoken - that says "If it's poor (or perceived as poor) and brown or black versus poor and white, it's somehow worse".

Video Clips

Here are some videos from the CBS site after Tammy and Victor took first place during the Moscow to India lag - and

A Tour Of India

Sibling Cooperation

On Being Stressed In Moscow